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Miracles of Health has earned a reputation for formulating and providing specialized blends of botanicals, vitamins, and supplements designed to help restore, rebuild, and revitalize health. We remain committed to helping you achieve sustainable results while also helping you to feel your best.

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Cynthia S. -Fort Collins CO

Judy Marie’s products have been a great help to me. They have enabled me to cleanse toxins from my body. This has made a tremendous difference in how I feel physically.

Becky V.

24 hours after taking Pura Cleanse and Pura Site, big white parasites (worms) were visible in my stools. They looked like white fuzzy yarn and white thread connected to a small ball of blood. My stool has been horrifying! All that has been coming out of me. I have experienced reduced swelling in my hands, feet and abdomen.

Barbara H. & Family -Fort Collins CO

I have been taking Judy Marie’s products since the company opened nearly 30 years ago. I have always held most of my tension in my gut, resulting in a slow-moving bowel. It’s not a problem when I use Pura Cleanse. I also take Vegetal Silica occasionally, and my nails have improved significantly. Pura Site is another answer for me and my family. We have been able to keep our entire digestive tracts functioning properly without having to see a doctor. Thanks Judy!

Diane N. -Worthington PA

Constipation, acne, and eczema were the reasons three of my children and I started taking Pura Cleanse 8 years ago.  All three problems have cleared up. Now I take Pura Cleanse before bed every other day to keep my eliminative organs cleaned up from daily toxins. Thank you very much!


I experienced some extreme hemorrhoid/bowel problems which resulted in surgery. A year later, I still suffered when having bowel movements, until I began using Pura Cleanse. The results have kept me faithful to this product for 15 years. I use it every day. I cannot say that about any other product, even household cleaning products! But Pura Cleanse will always be in my cabinet. I never feel bloated, have bowel problems, or have problems with water retention. Overall, it has added vitality to my existence.

Barbara C.- Denver CO

My name is Barbara Gay Campbell & I have been faithfully using Judy Marie's wonderful natural health products to improve my health for the last 20 years or more. I want to finally tell other people interrested in Miracles of Health products, how beneficial they have been for me! 

Originally I came to see Judy Marie to have an iridology appointment due to toxicity.  I then began using the Pura Cleanse powder & the Pura Green powder each day, and after only a couple of weeks or so, I started to feel so much better. I no longer wrestled with constipation!  As I have been aging, I also have found the Cleanse Caps to be very helpful & now my husband is using them as well.

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Each of our products are designed to target specific systems or processes in the body and induce proper function that might otherwise be out of balance. The benefits people receive from using our carefully formulated herbal products are well founded, and based on centuries of accumulated wisdom. Personalize your own miracle with Miracles of Health Products!

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