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I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting Judy Marie and I credit her and her products for turning my life and my health around.  I struggled with candida, disk degeneration, chronic fatigue and more for over 25 years, then going through a bout of cancer that coincided with a toxic liver.  While I used a multitude of products and sources in trial and error throughout time, Judy Marie’s products are trusted and effective and ones I always come back to.  After using some other parasite cleanses, last fall I decided to once again use Pura Cleanse and Pura Site. I lost 10 pounds in 3 months and have been closer to maintaining a healthy digestive tract than I have been in years. She is truly an amazing person with amazing products that I continue to recommend frequently. I truly believe it is a process of continual cleansing that leads to the road of true health and Judy’s products all do just that. Thank you, Judy, for making such a positive difference in my life in so many ways.

Barb Z.

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Chronic Colds

Do you have chronic colds? We are constantly exposed to cold-causing organisms without them actually causing a cold. Your immune system health is the deciding factor in whether you “catch” a cold or not. Over 200 different viruses cause colds. Drugstore remedies only suppress symptoms and have side effects like dizziness or fatigue. A cold is really a cleansing condition, so it may be better to just let it happen, and let your body start fresh, with a stronger immune system. Read More...

Episode 3: Keep the Energy Moving

KEEP THE ENERGY MOVING is the main theme of this podcast.  How important it is not become complacent and stuck while we are going through these intense shifting times.  The inspirational messages from Judy Marie helps you live “JUST FOR TODAY” and keep taking the necessary actions.  Take gentle loving care of yourself while you create your new balance.  Follow your intuition and stop wasting energy in places that does not support your greatest joy!  Focus on where you want Read More...