About Our  Supplements

Colloidal Silver

Natures Super Antibiotic Alternative

Colloidal Silver is a health supplement commonly used to kill bacteria, viruses, germ and fungus infections and it has been effective in combating and preventing bacterial illnesses, colds, flu, staph and strep, known to exist in disease conditions.

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Pura Cleanse

Super Herb & Fiber Drink for Better Digestion and Overall Health & Wellness

A properly functioning bowel is essential for overall health. Pura Cleanse, the Super Herb & Fiber Detox Drink, is a gentle, effective and natural total body cleansing detox that supports the body’s natural detoxification and cleansing processes.

Pura Cleanse promotes bowel health and regularity while supporting the elimination of wastes, toxins, parasites, and heavy metals.

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Chelated Minerals

100% Organic Major & Minor Trace Minerals in an Aqueous Base of Fluvic Acid

Minerals play a very important role in immune function, healing and the overall regulation of cellular metabolism. Chelated Minerals offers the body an easily absorptive, quick supplemental formula to spur on your efforts at health and wellness.

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Pura Green

Fresh Organic Greens to Naturally Alkalize & Energize the Body!

Pura Green is a superior source of minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, micro-nutrients and antioxidants. The alkalizing blend of fresh organic greens wildcrafted herbs in Pura Green, enhance your body by alkalizing and energizing the blood. Pura Green includes a proprietary combination of organic and wildcrafted, wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, chlorella and broccoli.

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Pura Cleanse II

The Ultimate Sugar & Senna Free Colon Cleanser

Pura Cleanse II is a natural colon cleansing formula with fiber and bowel-stimulating herbs formulated to help cleanse the colon and support bowel regularity.

Pura Cleanse II is sugar and Senna free, offering an alternative to Pura Cleanse for those who like a low carbohydrate or sugar fee diet.

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Vegetal Silica

Boosts Collagen Formation & Cellular Rejuvenation

Nature’s Miracles Vegetal Silica is a unique blend of nutrients that support the health of skin, hair, and nails, structural features essential to natural beauty, along with the integrity of connective tissue and bones.

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Herbal Cleanse Caps

Gentle & Natural Occasional Constipation Relief

Herbal Cleanse Caps is a natural laxative and mild colon cleanser that aid in digestion and relieve constipation caused by diet, lifestyle, travel and stress. The combination of ingredients in Cleanse Caps is effective in promotion bowel movements in sluggish colons. The perfect combination of Anise, Fennel, Rhubarb and Senna helps to stimulate bowel contractions. Aloe Vera and Slippery Elm help soothe and lubricate the bowel.

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Pura Site

All-Natural Microorganism Intestinal Cleanse

Pura Site is an advanced microorganism cleansing formula that promotes balance of intestinal microbes made with herbs to provide targeted support and assist the body with the detoxification of intestinal microbes as well as promote a healthy digestive system.  Pura Site promotes balance of intestinal microbes while assisting in the elimination of foreign organisms.

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Full Moon

The Natural Answer for Hormonal Imbalances

Full Moon is a 100% natural herbal blend, which includes Wild Yam & Dong Quai, to support female hormone stability. Full Moon is a specific blend of high potency herbs to optimize female hormonal balance while promoting a healthy emotional state. It is cultivated in accordance with nature’s intent by proving  rich natural sources of phytoestorgens.

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Miracle Choice Probiotic 25 Billion

25 Billion Live Cultures with 10 Friendly Bacteria Strains

Miracle Choice PROBIOTIC 25 BILLION is a powerful blend of 10 clinically validated friendly bacteria strains and 25 billion colony forming units which can help support a positive balance of microflora in the intestines. It is daily maintenance probiotic formula that supports digestive health with a balanced spectrum of live organisms containing acid-resistant probiotic bacterial strains known to support a healthy functioning immune system and to naturally colonize the human GI tract.

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Pura Cleanse Fiber Caps

Herbal Cleanse and Detox Capsules

Pura Cleanse Caps is a natural blend herbs and fiber formulated to offer a gentle and effective way to cleanse and detox the body.

Pura Cleanse is a natural, gentle and effective combination of 35+ powerful herbs and fiber all packed into a veg capsule for ease and convince. Pura Cleanse was formulated give people a safe and natural approach to cleanse, detox and reduce digestive discomfort. The herbs and fiber in Pura Cleanse Caps promote healthy digestion, mood, energy and weight loss.

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Organic Turmeric Tri-Blend

Revitalize & Protect the Body with this Powerful Immune Booster

100% Natural Blend of Immune Enhancing Herbs Packed into an Easy-to-take Veg Capsule.

Miracle Choice Organic Immunity is a natural immune support supplement that helps rebuild, strengthen and protect the body. Each bottle contains 100 veg capsules made with organic turmeric, organic neem, and organic black pepper. Great for daily or occasional use.

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