Pura Cleanse | Super Herb & Fiber Cleanse

Herbal Colon Cleanse and Detox Formula for Healthy Digestion

Pura Cleanse is an all-natural blend of 35+ super herbs & fiber for digestive support, cleansing, and detoxification. Formulated to support bowel regulation, healthy digestion, cleansing and detoxification so you can feel better, lighter, and more energized.

  • Reduce Constipation, Gas & Bloating
  • Increase Energy & Nutrient Absorption
  • Cleanse the colon, skin, lungs & kidneys
  • Remove Harmful Toxins & Excess Waste


Pura Cleanse | Super Herb & Fiber Cleanse


Experience All the Amazing Benefits of 35+ Super Herbs & Fiber!

Cleanse & Detox

Digestive Support

Mood & Energy

Weight Loss

The #1 Daily Super Herb & Fiber Drink for a Healthy Mind and Body

Pura Cleanse is a natural, gentle and effective combination of 35 herbs and fiber for total digestive support. This unique formula supports bowel regulation, healthy digestion, cleansing and detoxification so you can feel better, lighter, and more energized.

Why Miracles of Health Herb & Fiber Cleanse?

Pura Cleanse is uniquely superior because it is not only a high fiber drink but a high FIBER CLEANSE. Pura Cleanse absorbs into the toxic layers of your colon and helps remove excess waste a layer at a time. Pura Cleanse helps maintain a healthy bowel, regularity and purges harmful toxins and waste from your entire body.

Synergistically formulated to be gentle and effective enough to use daily or as a 30 to 90-day annual cleanse. The bowel holds onto waste material longer than we realize and regular internal cleansing is essential to your overall health. Depending on your specific health needs and goals, Pura Cleanse can be used daily, monthly, or annually.

30+ Years of Serving our Happy, Healthy Customers

I have been taking Judy Marie’s products since the company opened nearly 30 years ago. I have always held most of my tension in my gut, resulting in a slow-moving bowel. It’s not a problem when I use Pura Cleanse. I also take Vegetal Silica occasionally, and my nails have improved significantly. Pura Site is another answer for me and my family. We have been able to keep our entire digestive tracts functioning properly without having to see a doctor. Thanks Judy!

After 35 years of good health and a thin stature, my torso started to become barrel-shaped, and I was sick all the time. I was bloated, gassy and had stopped having bowel movements regularly. After using the Judy Marie system, my health vastly improved. My torso thinned down, I am no longer gassy, and my bowels became regular. I now use Pura Cleanse once or twice a year to clean out all of the gunk and improve the way I feel. Unexpected results are healthy hair and nails, radiant skin, and bright, beautiful, clear eyes! I am 40 and will use this product forever!

Constipation, acne, and eczema were the reasons three of my children and I started taking Pura Cleanse 8 years ago.All three problems have cleared up. Now I take Pura Cleanse before bed every other day to keep my eliminative organs cleaned up from daily toxins. Thank you very much!

Constipation, acne, and eczemI had oily skin, low energy, achy joints and a lot of wax build-up in my ears. Then I started taking Judy Marie’s products (Pura Cleanse, Pura Green, Pura Site, Chelated Minerals, and Vegetal Silica). In less than one year my symptoms greatly improved. Also, through Judy’s diet plan I have lost 25 pounds. I feel better as my body is in the process of healing.

24 hours after taking Pura Cleanse and Pura Site, big white parasites (worms) were visible in my stools. They looked like white fuzzy yarn and white thread connected to a small ball of blood. My stool has been horrifying! All that has been coming out of me. I have experienced reduced swelling in my hands, feet and abdomen.

The time is right to have this story in print. The topic is how Nature’s Miracle Vegetal Silica, Liquid Chelated Minerals, and Pura Cleanse have worked on my friend and dance partner. We were at a dance in Butler, Pennsylvania, when his heart began to beat rapidly. A short time later he was rushed to the hospital. He had surgery to open up two clogged valves, and after 15 dayshe was released from the hospital. However, he still had a lot of fluid in his chest. He returned to the hospital to have the fluid drained, but he still could not dance. Fluid was building up and putting so much pressure on his lungs that he was having trouble breathing. I started him on Nature’s Miracle Vegetal Silica, Liquid Chelated Minerals, and Pura Cleanse. He obliged, but had a negative attitude about the healing ability of herbs. While taking these products, the fluid started to move and was being expelled through urine. A few days later, the pressure on his lungs went away. He never misses his Pura Cleanse, Minerals and Silica. We are having a ball dancing four to five times a week! At age 83, he is in excellent health according to his medical doctors.

I experienced some extreme hemorrhoid/bowel problems which resulted in surgery. A year later, I still suffered when having bowel movements, until I began using Pura Cleanse. The results have kept me faithful to this product for 15 years. I use it every day. I cannot say that about any other product, even household cleaning products! But Pura Cleanse will always be in my cabinet. I never feel bloated, have bowel problems, or have problems with water retention. Overall, it has added vitality to my existence.

My husband and I both take Pura Cleanse twice daily. We mix it with either orange juice or crystal light. I have been taking it for about 7 years and my husband started taking it about 2 years ago. My body can tell the difference if I miss taking it. Because it is all natural, my doctor tells me to continue doing what I have been doing.

A few years ago I was traveling in Ghana, West Africa, where there were no water purification systems. I was advised to drink only bottled water, which I did. However, at lunch one afternoon, I ate a fresh vegetable salad. I did not realize that the vegetables had been washed and rinsed in tap water. After a while, I became very ill with stomach cramps, headache and diarrhea. This went on for a few hours, until I realized that I had brought some Pura Cleanse along on the trip. I took one heaping tablespoon in a glass of water, and within one hour, all of my symptoms were gone, my appetite had returned, and I was feeling great. Pura Cleanse nowgoes with me whenever I travel.

Why Cleanse or Detox?

Bowel movements are the basis of your health. If you don’t have at least one bowel movement per day, you are already walking your way toward diseases. The colon is the sewage system of the body. Nature’s laws of preservation and hygiene require and insist that this sewage system be cleaned regularly.

Here are some BENEFITS you can expect from cleansing.

Cleanse & Detox


Pura Cleanse absorbs into the toxic layers of your colon and assists in breaking down and removing excess waste one layer at a time. When consuming Pura Cleanse, you can maintain a healthy bowel and regularity as well as purge harmful toxins and waste from your entire body. The fiber in Pura Cleanse helps bind with toxins in the digestive tract and assists with their removal from the body.


Digestive Support


Elimination of toxins Pura Cleanse is a natural colon cleansing formula with fiber and bowel-stimulating herbs formulated to help cleanse the colon as well as reduce digestive issues such as constipation, gas and bloating. In order to eliminate toxins from the bowels, healthy bowel movements are needed daily to avoid toxicity build-up in the body.

Pura Cleanse contains both insoluble and soluble fibers. Both types perform vital functions within your colon. Soluble fiber assists with stool formation by absorbing water to create a soft, yet bulky stool. These types of stool are easy to pass. Efficient stool formation is crucial to maintaining the health of your colon. Insoluble fiber helps nourish the intestinal bacteria that work to process and eliminate waste.

Restoring a proper bowel function has many benefits and has helped improve conditions such as colitis, diverticulitis, ballooning, spastic bowel, adhesions, mucosal dysfunction, strictures, and ulcerations

Energize & Focus


Elimination of toxins allows cells and organs to function at their peak and allows your body to absorb and produce energy efficiently. A cleansed colon will allow waste to pass quickly and will be prepared to absorb vital nutrients into the bloodstream more effectively. A clean colon will be able to serve its purpose of only allowing the absorption of water, minerals, and vitamins. As you clean out and tone up the bowel, you will be assured a greater nutritional efficiency for the entire body and all gland and organs will be properly fed and regenerated.

Weight Loss


Elimination of toxins Digestive support and weight loss. A typical American diet holds an average of eight meals of undigested food and waste material in the colon, while an individual consuming a high fiber diet holds only three meals. Putrefying foods in the intestinal tract interfere with the body’s ability to circulate properly and maximize the absorption of nutrients. Many people are carrying around an average of 5 to 15 pounds of waste matter they are not eliminating.

Elimination of toxins Increase your fiber intake and speed up weight loss. The average American diet does not contain adequate amounts of fiber. Food low in fiber content moves through the digestive system at a much slower pace than foods high in fiber. Slow moving food can create excess mucous that clings to the intestinal walls. This build up creates weight and back up. Pura Cleanse increases your daily fiber intake and assists in breaking down the excess build up, leaving you feeling lighter and more comfortable.

Pura Cleanse is uniquely superior because it is not only a high fiber drink but also a high FIBER CLEANSE. This powerful blend of herbs are absorbed into the toxic layers of the colon and assists in breaking down and removing excess waste one layer at a time.

Pura Cleanse absorbs into the toxic layers of your colon and assists in breaking down and removing excess waste one layer at a time. When consuming Pura Cleanse, you can maintain a healthy bowel and regularity as well as purge harmful toxins and waste from your entire body.

Pura Cleanse is a unique blend of both insoluble and soluble fibers. Both types perform vital functions within your colon. Soluble fiber assists with stool formation by absorbing water to create a soft, yet bulky stool. These types of stool are easy to pass. Efficient stool formation is crucial to maintaining the health of your colon. Insoluble fiber helps nourish the intestinal bacteria that work to process and eliminate waste.

Suggested Usage:

Blend, shake or stir briskly one tablespoon of Pura Cleanse into 8-10 oz. of juice or water, one to two times per day, or as desired. Notice: This herb and fiber drink should be consumed with a full glass of juice or water. Consuming this product without enough liquid may cause choking. Do not consume herb and fiber drink if you have difficulty swallowing.

WARNING: Consult your physician before using this or any product if you are pregnant, nursing, trying to conceive, taking medication or have a medical condition. As with many natural products, color and taste may vary from lot to lot.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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The BEST Colon Cleanser Ever Made!
How does Pura Cleanse Work?
Benefits of Pura Cleanse
Uses for Pura Cleanse
Common Questions About Pura Cleanse
Additional information about Pura Cleanse

How long can I take Pura Cleanse?

Pura Cleanse is designed for daily health maintenance. Most people don’t eliminate 100% effectively or eat 100% pure for various reasons such as holiday, travel, celebrations, and stress. Daily use of fiber and the 35+ herbs help build, and cleanse the colon, kidney, lungs, and skin. Pura Cleanse doesn’t take over the body like a drug or medication but rather enhances the functions of the body. It can be taken, as needed, for bowel movements, periodically in 3 month intervals for basic colon cleansing, or as a daily addition to your diet and wellness routine.

How do I take it?

Mix it in your choice of juice or water. Mix it with a spoon, shaker, or blender. Some people mix it in yogurt, or applesauce and make smoothie drinks. The longer it sets the thicker it gets.

How much do I take?

When first taking Pura Cleanse, start out slowly with 1 tablespoon per day. Then increase as needed or to your desired satisfaction.

When do I take it?

Pura Cleanse can be taken in the morning, afternoon, or evening. When taken at night, the herbs can work during the night on the whole system.

Is Pura Cleanse for everyone?

The majority of people feel the terrific benefits of it. Although it is extremely rare, a person may be allergic to psyllium or a particular herb.

How long does one container of Pura Cleanse last?

There are about 50 servings per container. 1 tablespoon per serving.

Can I give it to my children?

Herbs are considered foods. Pura Cleanse is safe for children. Reduce the recommended by one half or more depending on the age of the child.

Can I take it when I am pregnant?

Many pregnant women have used Pura Cleanse and were relieved of constipation. It can reduce lower back pressure, and lessen edema. It also helps to keep the bowels regular.

Are there any negative side effects?

There are no known side effects.

How long does it take to work?

For most people it works rather quickly, usually between a few days to a few weeks.

Does it only help the colon?

There are numerous benefits for the body including the lungs, kidneys, and skin. People generally feel more energy, retain less water, experience weight loss, and enjoy clearer thinking and focus. When the colon is less toxic, many times the lower back is relieved, headaches lessened, etc.

Is it a replacement for Cleanse Caps?

Pura Cleanse is not intended to be a replacement for Cleanse CapsPura Cleanse contains psyllium and 36 herbs. It loosens embedded toxic debris while Cleanse Caps have the herb action to help remove the heavier sludge. Cleanse Caps help a very sluggish bowel, while Pura Cleanse is like a soap scrubbing away the toxins.

What is the shelf life?

If kept out of heat, direct sunlight, and humidity, the shelf life is 1-2 years.

Will it give me diarrhea?

Sometimes it will loosen the stool if a person has a history of constipation or if it is an initial cleansing of the intestinal track. It’s rare otherwise.

Will it help my diarrhea?

In most cases it has stopped occasional diarrhea. Diarrhea is the second state of constipation. It means food is going through your system undigested and very small amounts of nutrients are being absorbed, if any.

Will it help detoxify my liver and blood?

There are multiple herbs in Pura Cleanse known to do that.

Do you recommend colonics while taking Pura Cleanse? 

Colonics are great for most people and putting the two together increases the effectiveness and results in detoxifying the tissues to restore health. The two go together like a hand fitting in a glove.

How important is drinking water while taking Pura Cleanse? 

Drinking water is A MUST. Herbs activate with water and the two have to go together. For any results a person needs to drink water throughout the day.

Is the product good for weight loss? 

Most colons are holding 5-15 pounds of debris. It’s common for people to reduce weight with Pura Cleanse. Of course, making the appropriate dietary changes and incorporating exercise will enhance weight loss further.

My bowels move once a day like clockwork. Do I still need to take Pura Cleanse? 

People are usually amazed by the excess debris that is eliminated in these cases. There still can be a large amount of build-up throughout the years that has not been moving out of the system. Generally there are layers of buildup in the bowels that need to be cleaned out and most people feel the difference after taking Pura Cleanse.

Will this help me to have more energy?

In most cases, people feel more energized and vibrant. Many people have experienced an increase in mental focus, enhanced memory, and increased endurance. The less the body is weighed down with toxins, the lighter it can feel. Also, nutrients can circulate in and out of the tissues at a better rate for restoring health and preventing illness.

9 reviews for Pura Cleanse | Super Herb & Fiber Cleanse

  1. nikki

    I’ve been using this stuff for years and its AMAZING! You can feel a difference literally the next day. Your entire body will feel lighter, you’ll feel like you have more energy and you’ll actually keep wanting to do it. The taste is a bit strange, not going to lie there but I usually just mix it with some orange juice and the flavor is oddly kind of good! Oh and the more water you drink, the better the effects 😉

  2. Monica Counts

    Excellent Jumpstart to your Weight Loss Journey!

    Great product. We use this product with our clients who join our WAISTED waistedbyaonfitness.com classes and online class. When used with a healthy diet and exercise program as a jumpstart to your weight loss journey you are guaranteed a thorough cleanse. This product works best when partnered with Cleanse Caps also a Miracles of Health product as well as Mag 07 another great product.

  3. Kindel

    Totally recommend!!
    After the 4th day, my skin isn’t dry anymore. I was introduced to this product 3 years ago. I took it faithfully for a year. I started back because my skin was so itchy and dry. Plus I felt sluggish. I am on day 14 and I feel great. Just remember to drink a lot of water.

  4. Anthony S.

    This was recommended to me by my colon therapist and I’ve been using it for about 8 months. It was hard to get past the taste initially so I add it to a shake each night (Pura Cleanse, almond milk, fruit, Greek yogurt, ice – into the NutriBullet and you have a great shake and don’t taste the Pura Cleanse). After my first does, I did not see results the next morning – just a typical BM. After the second dose, there was more volume in my BM the next morning and the BM was darker. As I continue taking, my BM’s seemed to have more volume and were much darker – in my mind, my colon was being cleansed of all the matter that was stuck in the pockets and walls of the colon. I did not have any negative experiences – no diarrhea, no ‘quick’ BM’s, etc. I used this product nightly – along with colon therapy sessions 2 x a week – for about 4 months. After a move in January 2016, I have not had any colon therapy sessions but continue to use Pura Cleanse 3 x per week – sometime more.

  5. Lisa Rosenbauer

    I could not lose weight and I was always bloated Pura cleanse changed my body completely!! I believe the product has helped me through menopause.

  6. Brent

    Always reliable product, feel it working after only a couple of servings.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Pura cleanse is a wonderful product that I have. Been using for years. Someone once said that disease begins in the.colon and you will have a healthy colon if you use this product and you will be as regular as clockwork along with other health benefits from the herbs it contains. Better for you than traditional medicine.

  8. Jeffrey Fisher

    There is nothing in the marketplace quite like this product. It is easy to take, and as gentle as you want it to be.
    I use it every other week for 3 days morning and night and WOW!!! I mean WOW!!!! IN the best way possible.
    A key is to drink ALOT of water….

  9. cdunk

    This stuff is great. It can change days, lives and the world. No difficulty with use at all. I highly recommend.

  10. MSearing

    It just works. For anyone with digestive problems, this product is a must have. It’s a great detox for the whole digestive tract. I have been using this product for several years now.

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