For Over 30 Years…

Miracles of Health is renowned for crafting and offering tailored combinations of botanicals, vitamins, and supplements aimed at rejuvenating and enhancing overall well-being.

Made from Nature, Backed by Science

Our products are thoughtfully designed to target specific systems and processes within the body, balancing functions that may be otherwise out of sync. They are formulated based on centuries of accumulated wisdom, providing benefits that are well-researched and proven.

Our mission is to empower you to personalize your wellness journey with Miracles of Health Products, allowing you to achieve and maintain optimal health. Choose wellness today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!

Our Products

Miracles of Health Products for Life offer a unique and virtually limitless opportunity for growth in every area of life. Our product line assists whole-body cleansing, immune system strength, circulatory health, weight management, digestive efficiency, hormonal balance for women, and cell rejuvenation. All products are made without unnecessary colors, flavors, fillers, or binders.

About Our CBD About Our Herbal Supplements

Our Purpose

Miracles of Health was founded in 1992 with a passionate mission to help, heal, educate, and transform lives. We started with a vision, and turned into a company. Now we’re spreading miracles!

We believe in equality of life, healing, and prosperity for all. Through our commitment to integrity as we interact with nature and serve humankind, our steadfast purpose is to provide exceptional quality products to our customers worldwide.

Our Passion

Far from being just a company, Miracles of Health represents hope to the world that miracles DO exist. We are experiencing exciting times with opportunities of great change and expansion. People want to embrace Nature and restore their own health conditions.

Our products have an extraordinary synergistic ability, and are blended with 100% natural herbs that serve to unite and benefit worldwide health and wellness. We found our niche by creating herbal blends that effectively provide complete balance for the entire body. Extensive research has gone into every specialty herbal formula in order to ensure our products target specific structures and functions in the body that might otherwise be out of balance.

Our Production

Miracles of Health considers quality control and quality assurance to be our top priority. All products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices and are tested to exceed the stringent specifications set forth by the FDA. We test, check, and verify for potency, purity, and consistency to ensure all products are of the highest quality. We remain committed to serving humankind.

Our Principles

Before a Miracles of Health product reaches you, a sample from each production batch has been sent to an independent lab to validate – with 100% accuracy – that what’s on the label is in the bottle. The lab technician checks to ensure that potency levels will be maintained through the expiration date, and then the product is passed with a Certificate of Analysis.

Meet Judy Marie, Founder & President

Judy Marie founded Miracles of Health in 1992. She is passionate about providing the best herbal formulas available anywhere, while teaching others about health and healing.

Judy’s own journey began more than 30 years ago when, sequestered in a hospital with life-threatening illnesses, she started to research and test herbal remedies and healing food combinations on herself. What she discovered transformed her life.

“I full-heartedly embrace holistic wellness, unifying mind, body and spirit,” says Judy.

Long before herbal formulas and holistic healing became trendy, Judy began sharing her passion for and knowledge of herbs with anyone who dared to listen.

“Whether one chooses conventional medicine, holistic wellness, or a combination of both, the real prescription for healing is knowledge,” she says. “Greater understanding gives people an opportunity to seize the power to heal themselves.”

Miracles of Health’s reputation for delivering highly effective formulas — containing only the finest natural ingredients —has spurred the company’s growth over the last three decades. The product line continues to grow as new Miracles of Health are revealed.

Judy is committed to giving back to the world what she herself has received. In addition to being a holistic health practitioner, she is an inspirational spiritual teacher. Judy does seminars, webinars, newsletters, and blogs to offer insights into what she has discovered about healing.

“At Miracles of Health, we believe in the equality of life and prosperity for all,” says Judy. “Through our integrity with nature and our commitment to serving humankind, our purpose is to provide the finest products to customers worldwide.” Miracles of Health was founded to help, heal, educate, and transform lives.

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