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Providing you with unique blends of botanicals, CBD, vitamins, and minerals that are synergistically designed to restore, rebuild, & revitalize your health.

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“healthy hair and nails, radiant skin, and bright, beautiful, clear eyes!

“After 35 years of good health and a thin stature, my torso started to become barrel-shaped, and I was sick all the time. I was bloated, gassy and had stopped having bowel movements regularly. After using the Judy Marie system, my health vastly improved. My torso thinned down, I am no longer gassy, and my bowels became regular. I now use Pura Cleanse once or twice a year to clean out all of the gunk and improve the way I feel. Unexpected results are healthy hair and nails, radiant skin, and bright, beautiful, clear eyes! I am 40 and will use this product forever!”

“It has added vitality to my existence…

“I experienced some extreme hemorrhoid/bowel problems which resulted in surgery. A year later, I still suffered when having bowel movements, until I began using Pura Cleanse. The results have kept me faithful to this product for 15 years. I use it every day. I cannot say that about any other product, even household cleaning products! But Pura Cleanse will always be in my cabinet. I never feel bloated, have bowel problems, or have problems with water retention. Overall, it has added vitality to my existence.”

“I have been amazed at the changes in my health…

“For most of my life, I have suffered from irregularity and a lack of energy and. For me, that was normal. However, due to my father’s battle with colon cancer and my advancing age, loss of hair, and terrible splitting nails, I decided to visit Judy Marie at the recommendation of a massage therapist. Judy told me that I was not processing food thorough my colon properly. Since starting Pura Cleanse (and other supplements) 6 months ago, I have been amazed at the changes in my health. Irregularity is no longer a problem, and I have never experienced any discomfort as I have with other cleansing products. My nails are growing so fast and strong that I have a hard time keeping them filed down. My hairdresser tells me there are little hairs growing all over my scalp. The biggest surprise is that my lifelong sweet tooth seems to have subsided. I really don’t care about chocolate and desserts any longer. I feel really healthy for the first time in my life. I very much enjoy working with Judy Marie and am very grateful for the positive changes she has helped me bring into my life.”

“Strong nail growth and hair thickening…

“I was at my wit’s end: 50 years old, thyroid condition, early menopause, and with 20 pounds of hormone replacement therapy flesh that refused to come off.I was in a brain fog, required 10 to 11 hours of daily sleep, and three cups of coffee to get going… The receptionist at my acupuncturist saw my struggle and recommended her colon-hydro therapist, but she would not see me without me being on Judy Marie’s products. Each month my body gets stronger and stronger. I have strong nail growth and hair thickening. I can think better, I’m more productive with my art work, and I can now conceive of other goals for myself.!”

The service is fantastic!

“Judy Marie’s products are absolutely great! Each one lives up to its label. The service is fantastic!”

I’ve have had the best and quickest results with CBD…

“I have struggled with anxiety my whole life. Anxiety and panic attacks caused me not to drive for 2 years. I have tried everything from prescription meds to herbal supplements, as well as marijuana. But I have had the best and quickest results with CBD oil. After taking CBD oil, I was able to drive 200 miles on the highway. I stayed cool, calm, and collected the whole time. I also used topical CBD oil for a rash, which seemed to start working within minutes.”

not a problem when I use Pura Cleanse…

“I have been taking Judy Marie’s products since the company opened nearly 30 years ago. I have always held most of my tension in my gut, resulting in a slow-moving bowel. It’s not a problem when I use Pura Cleanse. I also take Vegetal Silica occasionally, and my nails have improved significantly. Pura Site is another answer for me and my family. We have been able to keep our entire digestive tracts functioning properly without having to see a doctor. Thanks Judy!”

“All three problems have cleared up…

“Constipation, acne, and eczema were the reasons three of my children and I started taking Pura Cleanse 8 years ago.All three problems have cleared up. Now I take Pura Cleanse before bed every other day to keep my eliminative organs cleaned up from daily toxins. Thank you very much!”

“Better for you than traditional medicine

“Pura cleanse is a wonderful product that I have. Been using for years. Someone once said that disease begins in the.colon and you will have a healthy colon if you use this product and you will be as regular as clockwork along with other health benefits from the herbs it contains. Better for you than traditional medicine.”

“feeling good and healthy

“My husband and I have been using Pura Cleanse and /or Pura Cleanse II every night for about 10 years. Such a wonderful product….. If we’ve been taking it for 10 years then Clearly we love and swear by it. The gentle detox helps us feel more energetic and clears our foggy heads. and obviously keeps us regular. Helps keep the weight down too. We’ve had a few times over the years when we’ve “slacked” off and that’s when you realize how great this stuff is. Feel like crap and start taking it again. Easy to take feeling good and healthy for granted sometime. You really should just try it!! You’ll be hooked!!”

“More energy, I felt stronger and noticed a general increase in stamina….

“I have personal results to share with the use of Miracles of Health CBD Elixir.I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroiditis in 2012.I have taken both prescription and compounded medications along with numerous nutritional supplements to stabilize my TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) at close to 1.0 and to reduce the antibodies (Thyroglobulin & Thyroid Peroxidase or TPO) that go along with Hashimoto’s.I did have some success with the compounded T3/T4 medication and some supplements with reducing the TSH to 2.5 and a mild reduction in antibodies.However, I rarely felt an increase in energy or a decrease in the aches and pains that go with this disease.I began taking the CBD oil in June after having blood drawn in May with the result of a TSH of 4.7 and high antibodies.I was feeling tired and achy and a bit frustrated.Throughout the summer, I began feeling more energy, I felt stronger and noticed a general increase in stamina (especially when I walked 18 holes on the golf course).I also started to hit the golf ball further which made many people ask me what I was doing to make such a change.I also began noticing a decrease in the size of my mid section, which had been a major source of frustration for me.”

“The time is right to have this story in print….

“The time is right to have this story in print. The topic is how Nature’s Miracle Vegetal Silica, Liquid Chelated Minerals, and Pura Cleanse have worked on my friend and dance partner. We were at a dance in Butler, Pennsylvania, when his heart began to beat rapidly. A short time later he was rushed to the hospital. He had surgery to open up two clogged valves, and after 15 days he was released from the hospital. However, he still had a lot of fluid in his chest. He returned to the hospital to have the fluid drained, but he still could not dance. Fluid was building up and putting so much pressure on his lungs that he was having trouble breathing. I started him on Nature’s Miracle Vegetal Silica, Liquid Chelated Minerals, and Pura Cleanse. He obliged, but had a negative attitude about the healing ability of herbs. While taking these products, the fluid started to move and was being expelled through urine. A few days later, the pressure on his lungs went away. He never misses his Pura Cleanse, Minerals and Silica. We are having a ball dancing four to five times a week! At age 83, he is in excellent health according to his medical doctors.”

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For Over 30 Years…

Miracles of Health has earned a reputation for delivering highly effective formulas that contain only the finest natural ingredients without the unnecessary colors, flavors, fillers, or binders.

We believe in equality of life, healing the body naturally, and prosperity for all. Through our commitment to integrity as we interact with nature and serve humankind, our steadfast purpose is to provide exceptional quality supplements that our customers can rely on.

We remain committed to helping you achieve sustainable results that allow you to feel your best.

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Meet Judy Marie, Our Owner & Founder

Judy Marie founded Miracles of Health in 1992. She is passionate about providing the best herbal formulas available anywhere, while teaching others about health and healing.

Judy’s own journey began more than 30 years ago when, sequestered in a hospital with life-threatening illnesses, she started to research and test herbal remedies and healing food combinations on herself. What she discovered transformed her life.

“I full-heartedly embrace holistic wellness, unifying mind, body and spirit,” says Judy.

“Whether one chooses conventional medicine, holistic wellness, or a combination of both, the real prescription for healing is knowledge,” she says. “Greater understanding gives people an opportunity to seize the power to heal themselves.”

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Each of our products are designed to target specific systems or processes in the body and induce proper function that might otherwise be out of balance. The benefits people receive from using our carefully formulated herbal products are well founded, and based on centuries of accumulated wisdom. We specialize in offering a variety of herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and CBD!

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