1. How long can I take Pura Cleanse?
    Pura Cleanse is designed for daily health maintenance. Most people don’t eliminate 100% effectively or eat 100% pure for various reasons such as holiday, travel, celebrations, and stress. Therefore this is a product made up of fiber and 36 herbs to daily help build and cleanse the colon, kidney, lungs, and skin. Pura Cleanse doesn’t take over the body like a drug or medication but rather enhances the functions of the body. It can be taken, as needed, for bowel movements, periodically in 3 month intervals for basic colon cleansing, or as a daily addition to your diet and wellness routine.
  2. How do I take it?
    Mix it in your choice of juice or water. Mix it with a spoon, shaker, or blender. Some people mix it in yogurt, or applesauce and make smoothie drinks. The longer it sets the thicker it gets.
  3. How much do I take?
    When first taking Pura Cleanse, start out slowly with 1 tablespoon per day. Then increase as needed or to your desired satisfaction.
  4. When do I take it?
    Pura Cleanse can be taken in the morning, afternoon, or evening. When taken at night, the herbs can work during the night on the whole system.
  5. Is Pura Cleanse for everyone?
    The majority of people feel the terrific benefits of it. Although it is extremely rare, a person may be allergic to psyllium or a particular herb.
  6. How long does one container of Pura Cleanse last?
    There are about 50 servings per container. 1 tablespoon per serving.
  7. Can I give it to my children?
    Herbs are considered foods. Pura Cleanse is safe for children. Reduce the recommended by one half or more depending on the age of the child.
  8. Can I take it when I am pregnant?
    Many pregnant women have used Pura Cleanse and were relieved of constipation. It can reduce lower back pressure, and lessen edema. It also helps to keep the bowels regular.
  9. Are there any negative side effects?
    There are no known side effects.
  10. How long does it take to work?
    For most people it works rather quickly, usually between a few days to a few weeks.
  11. Can you put it into a capsule?
    We have tried several times and ran test studies. The result was a less effective product.
  12. Does it only help the colon?
    There are numerous benefits for the body including the lungs, kidneys, and skin. People generally feel more energy, retain less water, experience weight loss, and enjoy clearer thinking and focus. When the colon is less toxic, many times the lower back is relieved, headaches lessened, etc.
  13. Is it a replacement for Cleanse Caps?
    Pura Cleanse is not intended to be a replacement for Cleanse Caps. Pura Cleanse contains psyllium and 36 herbs. It loosens embedded toxic debris while Cleanse Caps have the herb action to help remove the heavier sludge. Cleanse Caps help a very sluggish bowel, while Pura Cleanse is like a soap scrubbing away the toxins.
  14. What is the shelf life?
    If kept out of heat, direct sunlight, and humidity, the shelf life is 1-2 years.
  15. Will it give me diarrhea?
    Sometimes it will loosen the stool if a person has a history of constipation or if it is an initial cleansing of the intestinal track. It’s rare otherwise.
  16. Will it help my diarrhea?
    In most cases it has stopped occasional diarrhea. Diarrhea is the second state of constipation. It means food is going through your system undigested and very small amounts of nutrients are being absorbed, if any.
  17. Will it help detoxify my liver and blood?
    There are herbs in Pura Cleanse known to do that.
  18. Do you recommend colonics while taking Pura Cleanse? 
    Colonics are great for most people and putting the two together increases the effectiveness and results in detoxifying the tissues to restore health. The two go together like a hand fitting in a glove.
  19. How important is drinking water while taking Pura Cleanse? 
    Drinking water is A MUST. Herbs activate with water and the two have to go together. For any results a person needs to drink water throughout the day.
  20. Is the product good for weight loss? 
    Most colons are holding 5-15 pounds of debris. It’s common for people to reduce weight with Pura Cleanse. Of course, making the appropriate dietary changes and incorporating exercise will enhance weight loss further.
  21. My bowels move once a day like clockwork. Do I still need to take Pura Cleanse? 
    People are usually amazed by the excess debris that is eliminated in these cases. There still can be a large amount of build-up throughout the years that has not been moving out of the system. Generally there are layers of buildup in the bowels that need to be cleaned out and most people feel the difference after taking Pura Cleanse.
  22. Will this help me to have more energy?
    In most cases, people feel more energized and vibrant. Many people have experienced an increase in mental focus, enhanced memory, and increased endurance. The less the body is weighed down with toxins, the lighter it can feel. Also, nutrients can circulate in and out of the tissues at a better rate for restoring health and preventing illness.