The Healing Power of Lemons

Highly Alkalizing Effects of Lemons

Although acidic to the taste, the humble lemon promotes health with a highly alkalizing effect on the body, and is therefore of great benefit during the cold and flu season, when the body is typically over-acidic. In a state of 80% alkalinity and 20% acidity, or perfect blood chemistry, the body is at its best form for resisting invading viruses and bacteria. This state is determined by the food one eats.

One highly acidic meal of potatoes, white bread, meat and pie, with a sweetened drink is enough to open one up to an onslaught of determined microbial attackers. The scales of balance can be tipped to the extreme and ruin weeks or months of conscientious eating in just one hour. Logic tells us that a little can’t hurt, because we have behaved so well for so long, but in fact, it only takes one such meal to leave us open to infection.

The key here is balance. Why do so many children get sick right after Halloween? Many of these children are strong, healthy specimens who suddenly come down with something within a week of the big sugar fest. The same can be said for those adults who attend holiday parties and indulge in acidic sugary foods which are not a normal part of their everyday diet.

Okay, so it doesn’t seem fair that we can’t have a little holiday fun with foods. Folks who have given up smoking, drinking, red meat and other sins feel just a little miffed that they can’t indulge in the only thing left to them – party or comfort food. I can’t blame them, but they should know that over-indulgence in anything will only lead one to dire consequences.

The state of any individual’s health is determined by the state of the blood. Is it healthy? Is it clean? Does it have the right constituents to nourish the brain and body? The Bible states that the life (physical life), is in the blood. What we eat is digested and affects the state of the blood. Oxygen, iron, chlorophyll and hundreds of other components all affect the constitution of blood.

So, if we ingest things that upset our internal chemistry just because they taste good, we must also think about balancing the negative effects of those foods. In scientific lab tests it has been found that viruses have a difficult time growing when introduced to a solution that is 20% acid and 80% alkaline, but multiply abundantly when put in a sugary acidic solution. When we over-indulge in sweets we are creating a blood chemistry where the bad microbes and viruses get more than enough nourishment to multiply and conquer any defense system we may have left. If we already have a compromised immune system caused by exposure to pollution, radiation, drugs and other chemical or environmental toxins, the bad guys will quickly get the upper hand.

Holistic food scientists such as Bernard Jensen have spent years in determining which foods are alkaline and which are acidic. Many of those foods which we would consider alkaline, actually have an acidic reaction in the body and vice-verse. In order to become more efficient at maintaining our bodies in top working order, it is necessary to study the alkaline/acid balancing act that our blood chemistry must preform every day with the fuel we give it. Some health food stores are now selling highly alkalized drops to add to water which tips the scale in the users favor. Colloidal minerals sold in liquid form also accomplishes this purpose.

In future issues we will explore this area in more detail, but now I want to praise the humble lemon for it’s ability to quickly change acidic conditions to alkaline. When a person becomes sick with an infection they almost invariably reach for a lemon-flavored drink or a bit of lemon squeezed in comforting herbal tea. Honey and lemon is mixed together for cough relief, both liquid and in cough drops. Lemon can work many household cleaning miracles, but the very best miracle is the neutralizing alkaline action on acidic internal body systems.

As this holiday season rolls around, make sure your pantry is stocked with lemons as well as all the other goodies associated with holiday cooking. Make a daily fresh lemonade with a little natural sweetener like maple syrup. Sip on it through the day and help keep your acid/alkaline balance in a defensive position.

For those women afflicted with candida and yeast overgrowth infections, the alkaline balance becomes a very serious matter. For this condition I recommend two dietary supplements in addition to food balancing. They are: Primadophilus (friendly bacteria) and Solaray’s Caprylic Acid, made from alkaline coconut oil. I stand behind these from personal experience

I haven’t met a person yet who was perfect in their eating choices, but we can all strive to listen to our bodies and give them the things they need in order to create balance and harmony between and within our many miraculous body systems. Food should be prepared and processed as simply as possible. Raw food should constitute a large proportion of daily intake as enzymes needed for digestion are destroyed by cooking.

We are what we eat. If we fed animals the same diet we eat, they would quickly sicken and die. When we were created, food was also in a natural state and needed little preparation. The craftiness of advertising has transformed perhaps a couple hundred basic foods into thousands of stale creations that require chemicals to preserve shelf life. Ironically, they won’t preserve ours.