The Ability of Fiber & Pura Cleanse

The fact that almost half of the world is constipated conveys a very clear and simple message…..whatever it is that we’re eating or not eating, our colons are not happy. The human machine is marvelously designed to function efficiently. It can take in food, begin to chemically break down the chemical structures of that food through chewing and salivary enzymes, continue digestion in the stomach, absorb nutrients for fuel and regeneration in the small intestine, move waste to the large intestine and in a relatively short amount of time, should expel that waste from the body.

This is the way we were meant to operate. Unfortunately, many if not most of us don’t. Sadly, we pay more attention to keeping our cars running well than our own digestive systems. The bottom line (no pun intended) is that fiber keeps our human machinery running smoothly. Preventing the build-up of any kind of waste material is crucial to the maintenance of any machine. If the fuel filter in your car is clogged, your engine is going to spit and putter and your gas mileage will be significantly reduced. Likewise, the human machine becomes terribly sluggish if its systems are not efficiently cleared of toxic waste.

General Properties of Fiber:

  1. It Holds On To Water: Insoluble fiber like bran contains fancy sounding sugars called hydrophilic polysaccharides which swell up and create a viscous gel in the small intestine when then combined with water. Pectins and gums, like apple fiber pectin and guar gum found in Pura Cleanse and Pura Cleanse II, have a high affinity for water so they make excellent laxative and bulking agents. This ability to hold water and form gels increases intestinal transit time and adds weight and substance to the stool.
  2. Fiber and Fermentation: Virtually all dietary fiber enters the intestine in an unchanged form. The presence of fiber encourages bacterial fermentation during the digestive process. For example, pectin is completely metabolized in the intestines, whereas wheat bran is not. Metabolizing fiber in our bodies is an anaerobic process and one of the products of this process is gas.
  3. The Absorption Ability of Fiber: Dietary fiber has the wonderful ability to soak up various deleterious substances we could well do without. Fiber can also absorb:
    1. Drugs
    2. Toxic chemicals
    3. Bile salts
    4. Hormonal components

Pura Cleanse & Pura Cleanse II Have the Ability to:

  1. Increase fecal bulk by retaining water
  2. Decrease stool transit time
  3. Keep blood sugar levels more stable
  4. Lower blood serum and liver cholesterol
  5. Help prevent weight gain by slowing the rate of digestion and absorption and help to control hunger
  6. Expedite the removal of potentially dangerous toxins and carcinogens from the bowel by acting as a carrier and by boosting elimination
  7. Bind with bile salts which can help decrease the risk of gallbladder disease and certain types of cancer
  8. Create the presence of healthier intestinal bacteria