Living a FULL Life

The Majority of People Are Living in Part

People tend to live half-healthy, half-wealthy, half-happy, and half-creative lives. They have accepted this half way of living as normal. Once in a while, in a rare moment, they glimpse a larger life and wish it could be so.

Half living is abnormal and unnecessary. You can live a much healthier, fuller, and richer life right where you are in your present circumstances. It requires a change of consciousness. You are the controller of your consciousness. The very moment you decide to live a healthier and richer life, your consciousness will devise the ways and means of having it. When you are 100% certain you want the best of health and prosperity, then at that very second you make the decision to manifest it. You first must believe from the very center of your being that you are a miracle magnet and I promise you miracles will come more and more into your life.

If you make the simple decision that you deserve the best of health and abundance in this life now, showers of experiences, opportunities, and possibilities will rain on you and all around you. It all depends on you, not the world of events, things, and people surrounding you. It is through the understanding of the Law of Attraction that you will begin attracting what you desire.

The Law of Attraction as defined by Ester and Jerry Hicks says, “The essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn. And while this may seem like a rather simple statement, it defines the most powerful law in the Universe – the Law that affects all things at all time — for nothing exists that is unaffected by this Law.” The Hicks go on to say that, “The Law of Attraction and its magnetic power reaches out into the Universe and attracts other thoughts that are vibrationally like it…and brings that to you. And, so you are getting the essence of what you are thinking about, whether it is something you want or something you do not want.”

All creation starts with a desire. Desires are potentials to be birthed and brought to fruition. Start thinking and imagining and feeling yourself in total alignment. Know that are you are of complete and total health, know and feel that abundance and prosperity surround you constantly. Over time, of which you have no control over, you will become these things that you are asking for, for it is the Law of Attraction.

Make the decision that you shall be set free of all lack, ill health, and limitation, and there shall be none in your future. Allow yourself 10 to 15 minutes of quiet time every morning where you can focus on your desires and prepare an image of yourself from which you will begin attracting into your life complete health, happiness, creativity, prosperity, and all other desires you seek.

The time for change has come. You alone decide what your life experience shall be and there is nothing that you want that you can’t have. Seek it and believe in it and it shall be yours.