I am Health

I am Health

True health is not a fad. True health is the state of dynamic well-being.

The state of health and wellness reflects the degree of self-acceptance and self-honor. Andreas Moritz explains, “Love, health and vitality emerge or are naturally present when you love and accept each part of yourself.” Taking your health into your hands is a very powerful and direct way to bring forth your inner power, sense of security and love of self.

Staying positive is vital to achieving your health goals. Surround yourself and talk to people who have accomplished and succeeded in obtaining their health goals. Frequently remind yourself of the many things you have accomplished in your life. If you’re pessimistic and think nothing you do will make any difference, then your motivation will just fizzle away. If you do not value your health and do what it takes to achieve good health, then you will spend all your time, money and energy trying to deal with your poor health, rather than creating a better life for yourself, your family and your community.

You can only be as healthy as you think it is possible to be. We must learn to take personal responsibility for ourselves, for the quality of our lives, for our attitudes, for our failures and successes and for our health. Health is the result of a commitment to live a more conscious life – to become more responsible for one’s emotional health and well-being. Remember at all times that you are constantly healing. Your body is reacting every second to your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences. Health is not a permanent condition unless you create it so each day.



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