What Are Liquid Chelated Minerals

What makes Miracles of Health Chelated Minerals so great?

Our liquid minerals are a complete source of liquid minerals that undergo a Fulvic Chelation Process to maximize cell absorption and utilization of nutrients. They are 100% Organic Major & Minor Trace Minerals in an aqueous base of Fulvic Acid.

The Essential Role of Minerals:

Minerals are essential for a variety of reasons. They are the building blocks of strong bones, teeth, hair and nails. They help transmit nerve signals throughout the nervous system, support digestion and metabolism of the food we eat, and regulate muscle contraction and relaxation. They are also an important factor in the absorption of vitamins. Vitamins cannot be properly assimilated without the correct balance of minerals in the body.

Different minerals are required in different amounts, however they are all essential. The body cannot produce minerals, so they must be consumed with a healthy diet and proper supplementation. Minerals are grouped depending on the amounts needed daily. Those needed in larger amounts daily are the major minerals. The minerals that are needed less and in smaller amounts are known as trace minerals. Miracles of Healths Liquid Chelated Minerals contains a unique blend of both types.

Key Ingredients

Our Liquid Minerals also contains all 20 amino acids. Amino acids help build the proteins that our body needs. They also produce neurotransmitters that control mood, protect cardiovascular health, and produce antioxidants, hormones and energy.*

Our liquid mineral blend includes 72+ Organic Plant Derived Minerals and 20 Essential Amino Acids. The chelation process allows the minerals to be efficiently delivered to the tissues for enhanced performance of the body. The Fulvic Acid used has the unique ability to bond to and enhance the absorption of minerals. This unique mineral blend provides an excellent way to support natural rejuvenation, energy production, and cellular protection.