Rejuvenates Living Cells

Especially for Calcium Management. Nature’s Miracle Vegetal Silica supports: bone and connective tissue, hair, skin, nails, teeth, and a strong immune system. Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica is nature’s solution for symptoms of calcium depletion.  Whatever our age, we all need silica. It is vital for healthy skin, fingernails, ligaments, tendons and bones and is regarded as one of nature’s building blocks providing the answer to healthier, younger looking, more radiant skin, hair, nails and especially helping good bone health. Silica is found in nerves, bones, muscles and connective tissues, including those within the brain and nervous system.

Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica is a unique, synergistic blend of nutrients to help the proper storage of calcium and for maintaining healthy connective tissue.  Our vegetal silica is prepared in a liquid organic mineral base of fulvic-humic complex to ensure the vegetal silica is bonded. This process allows transporting of the essential ingredients to the cells for maximum absorption.

Vegetal Silica is nature’s solution for symptoms of calcium depletion. Major calcium benefits are best derived from Vegetal Silica. Our body contains approximately 7 grams of silica. Silica is found abundantly in the hair, skin, nails, aorta, connective tissue and throughout the skeletal structure. Through the use of Vegetal Silica we are able to obtain the most usable calcium for our bodies.

Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica rejuvenates cells to their fullest potential. White Willow, Red Clover, Scullcap, Yucca and Hawthorne Berry have been added to enhance the product and provide additional support for inflammation and circulation.According to extensive research done by Professor Louis Kervran, a former Minister of Health of France, the only way to overcome calcium deficiencies is to supplement with bioactive forms of silica, potassium, and magnesium.

Organic silica is crucial for optimal utilization of calcium. Vegetal Silica is good for strengthening bones, nails and skin. Silica helps glue the connective tissues that holds hair together, preventing split ends. Silica beautifies hair with luster, elasticity and vigor. Silica is found abundantly in the hair, skin, nails, the aorta, connective tissue and throughout the skeletal structure. As a person grows older, Silica in the body diminishes. Many parts of the body suffer from the lack of Silica supply, especially the skin and hair. Wrinkles, dry skin and hair are common effects.

Since the skin and hair are the first affected by lack of Silica in the body, they are also the first to benefit from taking Silica. Nature’s Miracle Vegetal Silica is a carefully formulated all natural Silica supplement that offers one of the highest and purest forms of Silica as well as added herbs to strengthen the results. Moisture and skin elasticity are two important factors in keeping the skin looking young which can be maintained when taking Nature’s Miracle Vegetal Silica. It also provides shiny and strong hair. It prevents split ends and keeps it from being dry and dull. The nails can also benefit from taking Nature’s Miracle Vegetal Silica, because the mineral protects the nails from getting brittle and easily damaged. Soft nails that keep splitting in layers or cracking, could be due to a diet deficient in B vitamins or point to a digestive abnormality like IBS, a candida bacterial infection or a “leaking gut”.

Vegetal Silica strengthens connective tissue in two major ways:

1.) Enzymes are able to change Vegetal Silica into a usable form of calcium, and 2.) Vegetal Silica eliminates organic waste products from the cells, especially urea, uric acid, and nicotine. Connective tissue includes not only the cartilage that makes up the tendons and ligaments in our joints, but also lymph and blood that circulates throughout our entire body. High amounts of silica increases function found naturally in these tissues.

The Vegetal Silica in Nature’s Miracle is harvested from organic plants. The soil the plants are grown in is naturally rich in fulvic acid, making Nature’s Miracle Vegetal Silica the highest quality and most usable source of Vegetal Silica available. The natural chelated fulvic acid transports the essential active ingredients to the cells to restore proper healing in the entire body. Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, and Potassium Benzoate Contains no GMO’s, Sweeteners, Yeast, Wheat, Rye, Soy, Dairy, Animal Products, Fillers, Binders or Artificial Ingredients.

Suggested Usage: 

1 teaspoon 2 or 3 times a day in a glass of purified water. For best results, take on an empty stomach.


Use of nutritional supplements is an individual responsibility and decision. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, the elderly, those with known medical conditions or anyone opting not to assume the responsibility of that decision should use this product under proper medical supervision.*


 Refrigerate after opening and keep lid tightly sealed.