Use Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica to:

– Reduce healing time for broken bones. Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica assists with proper and speedy healing of bone fractures, as well as torn and damaged tendons and ligaments.

– Reduce healing time for burns, cuts, and other skin injuries. Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica helps promote the formation of skin tissue and can speed recovery.

– Promote healthy hair. Silica helps glue the connective tissues that hold hair together, preventing split ends. Silica beautifies hair with luster, elasticity and vigor.  

– Improve joint health. Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica helps lubricate the joints and increase the strength and flexibility of tendons and ligaments.

– Maintain normal bone structure as you age. Silica and calcium are responsible for the renewal of bones and the formation of cartilage. 

– Boost cardiovascular health. Silica is needed to maintain healthy and flexible arteries, which strengthens circulation. It plays a vital role in preventing cardiovascular disease. Silica is also vital in the proper use of calcium. When calcium is not absorbed properly it has the potential to calcify in the tissue of inner artery walls and the heart.

– Strengthen teeth. Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica assists with the strengthening of tooth enamel and improves gum health.

– Boost the immune system. Silica plays an important role in the creation of antibodies and antigens.