1. What is the recommended way to use Full Moon? Two to three capsules before meals. Starting slow is always a good idea and of course it depends on your current health condition and how sensitive your body is. 
  1. When do I take Full Moon? Taking Full Moon before meals, in the morning, noon, and evening, improves the digestion of the herbs. It should not interfere with the use of medications, although as a general rule, take herbs and supplements separately from medications. You may want to consult your physician in case you are taking medications.
  1. Can pregnant women take Full Moon? Before or after pregnancy is best. Although Full Moon is a safe herbal product, when a woman is pregnant, she usually requires different herbal support. 
  1. How long should I take Full Moon? You can take this formula for an extended period of time without any adverse effects to any systems of the body. Individual requirements vary, but the need for hormones and glandular support is ongoing. Continue to take it as long as you feel a need for the hormone balancing it provides.
  1. What ages are recommended for Full Moon? Ages 18 and up.
  1. What additional Miracles of Health products would increase the benefits of Full Moon? The use of Pura Cleanse with Full Moon will help rid the body of the excess toxic debris though menstruation or other elimination, and it will also assist Full Moon to be more efficiently absorbed. If you want to experience quicker and more powerful results, you may also add Miracle Choice Minerals along with Full Moon. Chelated Minerals can continue to build minerals in the body while balancing hormones with Full Moon. 
  1. Who is a good candidate for using Full Moon? You are a great candidate for Full Moon if you have any of the following symptoms:
    – Hot flashes that bring a sudden unpredictable wave of heat and drenching sweat over the upper body, sometimes leaving a cold chill
    – Painful vaginal dryness and general atrophy of vaginal, cervical, uterine, or ovarian tissue
    – Urinary incontinence
    – Thinning and shortening of vaginal wall
    – Secretion of cervical muscle
    – Wrinkling and loss of skin tone
    – Bloating, fluid retention, cramping
    – Bone mass loss, aching joints
    – Psychological effects such as depression, grieving, anxiety, insomnia, apprehension, irritability
    – Backaches, headaches
    – Poor concentration, loss of memory