Uses Miracle Choice Multi-Vitamin and Minerals to:

– Correct nutritional deficiencies. Due to the stresses of every day life and the overabundance of nutritionally void food sold and consumed, the average person is not able to eat the varied diet that we were meant to. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Agriculture labeled potassium, calcium and vitamin D “nutrients of concern” for Americans because their daily intake of them from foods is lower than recommended. Miracle Choice Multi-Vitamin and Minerals completes the areas lacking in our diet by providing a broad range of nutrition in a synergistic manner.

– Support healthy aging. As the body ages nutritional needs increase but the body becomes less able to absorb nutrients. Miracle Choice Multi-Vitamin and Minerals is exclusively formulated to deliver every vitamin that your body requires to thrive and regenerate. It delivers pure nutrients for optimal health in an easy to digest capsule, for superior absorption and nutrient delivery.

– Achieve your fitness goals. Athletes and those with very active lifestyles can greatly benefit from Miracle Choice Multi-Vitamin and Minerals. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause a slow down in metabolic and chemical reactions in the body, effecting performance and efficiency. Proper supplementation can relieve these deficiencies and help you reach your true fitness potential.

– Supplement a restricted diet. Taking Miracle Choice Multi-Vitamin and Minerals will protect you from health consequences from vitamin deficiencies that may occur when restricting your calories during a weight loss program.

– Maintain muscle mass. Muscles can be diminished by free radical damage; the antioxidant-rich Miracle Choice Multi-Vitamin and Minerals can help keep free radicals in check.

– Recover from illness. When sick, Miracle Choice Multi-Vitamin and Minerals can immediately provide your body with the nutrients needed to recover.

– Supplement a vegan or vegetarian diet. Miracle Choice Multi-Vitamin and Minerals can help ensure proper nutrition to those who may lack the B- vitamins found in animal products.