Benefits and Common Uses for Pura Site

  • Assist the body with the detoxification of harmful intestinal microbes.*
  • Promotes a healthy digestive system.*
  • Combat parasitic conditions.* Symptoms can include: Fatigue, malnutrition, food sensitivities, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, abdominal pain, fungal or bacterial infections, low blood sugar, hunger pains, and weight loss.

Parasites are more common than people realize. Most parasitic infections come from our food and water sources such as undercooked or raw meat, or unwashed and undercooked fruits and vegetables. We are exposed to parasites daily. They can easily be contracted from a variety of sources including: daycare settings, drinking out of a garden hose, traveling, walking in sand, swimming in the ocean, rivers, and lakes, imported foods, pets, shaking hands, and even contact with your loved ones.

Restore your health. Using Pura Site, along with Pura Cleanse and a healthy diet, is an effective way to cleanse the body of parasites and harmful microorganisms. 

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