Spring Cleaning Your Health

Small Change. Big Impact.

During the winter months, it’s common to put aside exercise and to eat heavier foods; even prolonged exposure to the winter elements can cause the body to store more fat. With the extra food put in over the past few months, chances are the colon isn’t processing meals as quickly or efficiently as it should. This can lead to toxins absorbing into the bloodstream instead of going down the toilet.

This time of the year, the body comes out of hibernation and it tries to get rid of the metabolic waste cooped up in the body during the winter. As the temperature rises outside, your body will increase waste excretion through sweat. This gives you a unique opportunity to kick your body’s other natural purging tools into high gear.

Dr. Linda Page poses three question one should ask in determining if your colon is toxic.

  • Is your elimination time slow? Bowel transit time is a measure of how long it takes food to pass through your system from one end to the other. Transit time begins at the moment food enters your mouth. Bowel transit time should be approximately 12 hours.
  • Do you eat fast food, highly processed, synthetic, or chemical laced foods? A clean, strong system can metabolize or eliminate many pollutants that come into your body, but if you are constipated, they are stored in your system.
  • Is your digestion poor? The most common sign of toxic bowel overload is poor digestion. If you’re eating a lot of rich, red meats and cheeses, white bread, sugary, salty foods or fried foods, they’re robbing your body of critical electrolytes and they have almost no fiber for digestion. A high fiber diet is both cure and prevention for waste elimination problems.

Pura Cleanse and Pura Cleanse II, offers a balanced mixture of herbs and fiber, helping the body to eliminate toxins and waste unnecessarily stored in the colon. The natural herbs in these colon cleansers help your body get on track, giving the body what it needs when the extra fiber from Pura Cleanse gives your body what it needs for regular bowel movements.

Fiber Facts:

  • The average male should consume about 38 grams of fiber/day
  • The average female should consume about 25 grams of fiber/day
  • The average AMERICAN gets only 15 grams of fiber/day

Spring is the perfect season to rid your body of parasites which helps to rebuild and repair your immune system from the winter holidays. Cleansing with Pura Cleanse (or Pura Cleanse II) and Pura Site for the next 30 Days will give you the jump start to spring into vibrant health. Pura Site combats and rids nutrient-absorbing organisms out of the body along with metabolic wastes and toxins. Because these unwanted passengers can contribute to constipation, diarrhea, bloating and other ailments, there’s no time like the present for some spring cleaning–both inside the home and inside the body.

Cleanse the body and enjoy a healthier, sunnier spring this year!

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