Services at a glance

Services at a glance

BioHealing Sessions

BioHealing is a holistic approach to health that uses life force energy to help our bodies heal and balance themselves. Tesla BioHealing technology uses the findings of Nikola Tesla on life force energy and combines it with modern-day medical science.

  • Enhances cellular renewal and function *
  • Promotes restful sleep *
  • Increases mental clarity and mood stability*
  • Improves immune system and inflammation response *
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Iridology is a holistic evaluation the focuses on finding the root causes of health imbalances on all levels; physical, mental, emotional spiritual. Each area of the iris corresponds to a different area of the body. Examining the changes in color or structure of the iris can help indicate problems in certain areas of the body.


  • Initial Iridology Appointment
  • 30 min wellness follow up after the initial appointment.
  • 30-Day wellness program with a custom nutrition plans, supplement recommendations, goal setting and more
  • Muscle Testing (kinesiology)
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Wellness Consultations

Get the help you need with a health and wellness consultation with Judy Marie. This program focuses on the health of physiological systems, diet and nutrition, as well as emotional and psychological wellbeing.

  • Receive sound consultation from certified master Iridologist
  • 30 minute wellness follow up after the initial appointment.
  • Comprehensive nutritional plan with supplements tailored to your unique needs (included 60 minute consultation only)
  • Assistance in setting health goals, intentions and affirmations to help  you achieve the desired level of health and wellbeing,
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