PMS Bundle

Mood Stability, Hormonal Balance, Relief 

PMS Bundle: Specially curated for women’s wellness

Introducing the PMS Bundle from Miracles of Health! This specially curated bundle was created to support women’s wellness, especially during that time of the month. We’ve included CBD bites for relief and mood stability, as well as a bottle of Full Moon for hormonal balance. Made with 100% natural herbal ingredients, Full Moon is a safe and effective way to help keep your hormones in check. So whether you’re dealing with cramps, mood swings, or just general PMS symptoms, our PMS Bundle has you covered. Trust us, your month will thank you!



  • Blissful Bites – CBD Gummies for Relief and Mood Stability | 1 Month Supply
  • Full Moon – Natural Herbal Blend for Hormonal Balance | 2 Month Supply



PMS Bundle


More About the Supplements in This Bundle

CBD Blissful Bites

Relief + relaxation in just 1 bite

Find your calm, blissful state whenever and wherever you need it with these delicious CBD gummies! Our CBD Bites are made in the USA and are GMO-free, THC-free, gluten-free, vegan friendly and do not contain any artificial colors, or high-fructose corn syrup.

Key Benefits
  • Naturally calm stress and anxiety*
  • Promotes deep, restful sleep*
  • Alleviates pain and inflammation*
  • Quick and easy way to take your CBD daily.* Just grab and go!
  • Safe and effective way to relax the mind and body*

Full Moon

The Natural Answer for Hormonal Imbalances

Full Moon is a unique herbal complex to support women’s health during and following menopause. Full moon is a natural herbal blend that promotes female hormone balance and mood stability.

Key Benefits
  • Natural support for menopause*
  • Reduces hot flashes and headaches associated with hormonal fluctuations*
  • Helps improve mood and sense of wellbeing*
  • Soothing herbs for natural sleep support*
  • 10+ herbs and botanicals in one convenient formula*