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Colloidal Silver | 50 ppm Nano Silver

Nature's Super Antibiotic Alternative

  • Protection from Viruses, Bacteria & Fugus
  • Strengthen & Support the Immune System
  • 74+ Organic Plant-based Minerals
  • 20 Essential Amino Acids

Silver can also be used as a topical for skin conditions or as a disinfectant for cleaning surfaces!

Subscription Details

Liquid Chelated Minerals

Complete Source of Energy Minerals, Trace Elements and Natural Amino Acids

Minerals play a major role in protecting, nourishing, and detoxing cells. Chelated Minerals offers superior nutrient absorption to support natural levels of energy, cellular protection and rejuvenation with the might of fulvic acid. Fulvic acid acts like a cellular taxi, aiding assimilation of other nutrients so you feel better, smarter and more energized.

$32.99 $29.69

Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica

Rejuvenate Living Cells through Calcium Management.

Silica is involved in collagen formation and calcium management. Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica is the solution for symptoms of calcium depletion and proper calcium storage. Major calcium benefits are best derived from Silica. Silica is found abundantly in hair, skin, nails, the aorta, connective tissue and throughout the skeletal structure. By using Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica, you are able to obtain the most usable calcium for your body that will ultimately improve your quality of life.

$29.99 $26.99

Hand Sanitizer

The #1 BEST Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer on the Market!

Sizes Available: 4 oz Spray Bottle | 4 Pack (4 oz Spray Bottles)

The trace amount of Essential Oils included offers a light and refreshing citrus aroma eliminating overpowering chemical smells. Our formula is sticky-free and will not dry out your skin. You may even notice pre-existing skin conditions begin to diminish. Be free of skin cracking due to its powerful and effective skin conditioning properties. To use, simply spray your hands and surfaces you are in contact with. Great to keep in your car, purse, home, and workplace. Enjoy staying safe with Miracles of Health’s Best Hand Sanitizer. Order our two pack (8oz) or our four pack (4oz) and share in the delightful experience of staying safe and sanitized!

Immunity Bundle

$86.95$126.92 $78.25$114.23

Our Immunity Bundle includes natural immune boosting supplements that are both safe and effective!


  • x1 Colloidal Silver
  • x1 Minerals
  • x1 Vegetal Silica
  • x1 Hand Sanitizer


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