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Judy Marie is the president and founder of Miracles of Health, a dietary supplement company.  Judy’s  yearning to provide the highest quality herbal products along with teaching true principles of health and healing began over 30 years ago. 

She is a  holistic health practitioner which includes certifications in Iridology, Herbology, Aromatherapy, massage, Inspirational spiritual teacher/ healer and writer. “She Thought She Could She Did” is Judy’s most recent memoir on a miraculous journey of healing.

How CBD Improved My Life: A Testimonial with Kristin

Subscribe to: iTunes In this episode Kristin shares her story of health struggles and her powerful healing experiences with CBD. Kristin shares with us how CBD has helped her recapture and stabilize her life.  Before CBD she experienced severe PMS, anxiety, restless sleep, high blood pressure and more. How can CBD help you?
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“Talk story” with Anne Marie Studer

Subscribe to: iTunes Judy Marie interviews Anne Marie Studer from Maui while she “Talks Story” about enjoying the here and now.  Ann Marie, has worked with healers all over the world and has a gentle yet powerful presence. She has a lifetime of knowledge and experience in natural health and healing.  She shares the importance of tapping into the abundance of resources that we all have access to.  Ann Marie also dials in on the significance of really listening to your body and spirit and how absolutely vital it is to pay attention to the guidance and innate knowing within.
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Being Open To Change

Subscribe to: iTunes Judy Marie interviews an amazing spiritual couple who are ancient Light Workers for our planet.  They have important information to share with all of us. Kathy McDuff who works with energy from the Central sun and the Source shares inspiring information along with her husband Rich Lucus who is an Arcturian healer. Kathy and Rich frequently receive downloads of knowledge and activations from Source to assist many. Listen closely to their stories, strength and help. May we all keep an open mind and heart as we receive our own intuitive messages.  This is a very powerful time…
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Peace, Love and Light from Maui

Subscribe to: iTunes Take a few minutes, sit back and relax while Judy Marie shares the oneness of Peace, Love and Light. Bring your awareness to your breath. Inhale deeply through your nose in the slowest, calmest manner possible. As you inhale, imagine you are inhaling perfectly clean, pure, white light. Inhale and visualize the white light as it begins to fill your body. As you exhale in the same calm and relaxed way, imagine the dark smoke within your body being released — forced out — through the long, slow breath.
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Episode 3: Keep the Energy Moving

Subscribe to: iTunes KEEP THE ENERGY MOVING is the main theme of this podcast.  How important it is not become complacent and stuck while we are going through these intense shifting times.  The inspirational messages from Judy Marie helps you live “JUST FOR TODAY” and keep taking the necessary actions.  Take gentle loving care of yourself while you create your new balance.  Follow your intuition and stop wasting energy in places that does not support your greatest joy!  Focus on where you want to keep moving your best energy forward and ENJOY!
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Episode 2: 5 Steps to Achieve Wholeness

Subscribe to: iTunes Judy Marie lays out the first 5 steps on the Importance of achieving wholeness. When our goal is to achieve wholeness it is amazing to experience strong, long-term healthy changes to every cell in our body. Merging the mind-body connection will guarantee incredible results from the inside out.
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