Silica is a naturally occurring element that is vital for collagen and bone formation. The body has a natural store of silica in the connective tissue that lessens throughout the day and the normal functions of the body. As we age, our supply of silica diminishes.

Silica is found in some food sources, but in small amounts. Supplementing with Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica provides the body with an all-natural Silica supplement that offers one of the highest and purest forms of Silica as well as added herbs, minerals, and amino acids to strengthen the results.

According to extensive research done by Professor Louis Kervran, a former Minister of Health of France, the only way to overcome calcium deficiencies is to supplement with bioactive forms of silica, potassium, and magnesium. Organic silica is crucial for optimal utilization of calcium.

Vegetal Silica strengthens connective tissue in two major ways: Enzymes within the body are able to change Vegetal Silica into a usable form of calcium, and Vegetal Silica eliminates organic waste products from the cells, especially urea, uric acid, and nicotine. Connective tissue includes not only the cartilage that makes up the tendons and ligaments in our joints, but also lymph and blood that circulates throughout our entire body. High amounts of silica increases function found naturally in these tissues.

The Silica in Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica is harvested from organic plants. The soil the plants are grown in is naturally rich in fulvic acid, making Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica the highest quality and most usable source of Vegetal Silica available. The natural chelated fulvic acid transports the essential active ingredients to the cells to restore proper healing in the entire body.

– Miracle Choice Vegetal Silica is also enhanced with powerful healing herbs.

White Willow: Contains salicon, which is the main ingredient in Aspirin. Known as an anti-inflammatory and used to treat rheumatism, arthritis and gout. It relieves pain, can reduce fevers, and heals the nervous system.

Red Clover: Good to calm and heal the nervous system. A blood purifier and builder, it can help to break up tumors. It is beneficial for those with acne and other skin problems. May be helpful in treating those with insomnia.

Scullcap: One of the most effective herbs used for the nervous system, it enhances natural sleep, aids in spasms, tremors, and twitching of muscles It is beneficial for circulation, draws out uric acid, and aids in the treatment of rheumatism, gout and neuritis.

Yucca: Beneficial in reducing inflammation from joints. It is used for rheumatism, arthritis, bursitis, gout and ulcers.

Hawthorne Berry: Known as “The Heart Herb”, it regulates blood pressure (both low & high), prevents hardening of the arteries,  and increases circulation.