Throughout a woman’s lifetime, her body naturally goes through transitional hormonal states. These times of hormone imbalance often cause various physical and mental changes in a woman’s body. Keeping the body and mind balanced through the hormonal fluctuations of PMS and menopause is vital to maintaining an optimal quality of life. Full Moon was created to naturally support a woman’s body by establishing hormonal stability.

One of the ingredients in Full Moon, Wild Yam, is a rich source of natural progesterone. When ingested, the body easily and safely converts diosgenin into progesterone. Wild Yam helps to maintain a balance of hormones in the body.

Dong Quai is another main ingredient found in Full Moon. The Chinese have used Dong Quai for centuries to treat all female problems. Dong Quai has phytoestrogens that exhibit estrogenic activity. In fact, the phytoestrogens in Dong Quai are virtually identical to the estrogen produced by the body. The two molecules are so similar that the body can recognize the phytoestrogens from Dong Quai as its own estrogen – another example of nature healing nature! Dong Quai has the ability to balance estrogen levels, ease PMS symptoms, and relieve anxiety.

Each of the remaining herbs in Full Moon are well known for their ability to relieve menstrual related problems. Today we can choose healthier methods for correcting hormone imbalances and preserve the beauty and health of a woman.

Herbs in Full Moon:

Angelica: Herbal stimulant used as a tonic and remedy for stomach pains, sour stomach, heartburn, gas and cramps.

Black Cohosh: A natural supplier of estrogen that promotes circulation. A powerful remedy in hysteria, pelvic disturbances, uterine troubles, pain relief, morning sickness, hot flashes, and menstrual cramps.

Blessed Thistle: Used to increase and enrich milk in nursing mothers. Good for urinary, pulmonary and liver disorders. Helps with delivery of oxygen to the brain and improves circulation, known to strengthen the memory, heart and lungs.

Capsicum: Acts as a catalyst for all herbs. It also helps stop bleeding inside and outside the body, reduces fevers and inflammation, and heals ulcerations.

Chamomile: A nerve tonic, sleep aid, and appetite stimulant. Volatile oils contain powerful antimicrobial effects that help stimulate the liver and kidneys to purge toxins.

Dong Quai: Used for many female problems, it improves the blood, and assists the body in balancing hormones. It also acts as a diuretic, antispasmodic, pain reliever and a mild laxative. It is known to provide nourishment to brain cells, muscles and nerves.

Elecampane: Acts as a stimulant and tonic to the mucous membranes of the lungs and stomach. It relieves urinary retention, kidney and bladder stones, and delayed menstruation.

Kelp: Good for the thyroid, arteries, nails, and hair. It cleanses radiation from the body, and it a good source of minerals, sodium, and calcium. It is known to aid in glandular balancing and increased energy.

Lemon Balm: Helpful in painful and suppressed menstruation. It is a known tonic for the urinary and female glandular systems and can also aid in toning the female organs.

Red Raspberry: A powerful astringent and tonic supplementing the digestive, urinary and circulatory systems. It relieves nausea and morning sickness and can strengthen the reproductive system in pregnant women. It is rich in magnesium, iron and niacin and promotes healthy skin, nails, bones, and teeth.

Rose Hips: A natural source of vitamins and minerals used for infections and cleansing toxins from the body. It is known to aid in treating stress, infection, diarrhea , dizziness, headaches, and menstrual cramps.