Health is your Wealth

Health is your Wealth

Take Responsibility for Your Health

The road to health begins with an understanding of and commitment to cleansing and detoxifying the body and restoring balance, peace, and harmony. Too few people in our culture experience the benefits of proper bowel function. Not very many people live in a manner that enables them to maintain the natural balance of the body. It is time to take personal responsibility to restore balance, peace and harmony within ourselves. Now more than ever is the time to step up to the plate and take it upon ourselves to listen and feed our bodies and souls with what they are asking for.

Our wellness adds a limitless amount of worth and value to our lives. People often think that health and wealth are interlinked. One perception is, “If I were rich, I could afford a chef to prepare my meals with all the appropriate nutrients and a personal trainer to motivate me into shape.” It is a misconception to believe that being healthy costs too much. The truth and reality is that we are solely responsible for the choices we make and the value we put on those choices. We must return to the basics of wellness and address one of the core needs of restoring our bodies; detoxifying and colon cleansing is a great place to start.

When we cleanse and remove the toxic debris; feed the body good, healthy, vital foods and stop poisoning ourselves, the body will respond with healing and reversal of the disease process. “To get rich, never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth.” Richard Baker.

The Colon’s Significance: The first step in the cleansing process is identifying the primary body part playing a role in all of this: the Colon. The body has four lines of defense. The first is the colon. It warns our bodies first, but we don’t always notice it or respond.

The colon, or large intestine, is an organ, which is very much neglected until trouble begins. Trouble is usually first recognized by an individual as constipation or diarrhea. This symptomatic picture is often treated with over-the-counter preparations so frequently advertised on television and in magazines. This approach does nothing to get at the basic underlying cause of the problem; more important, it allows the condition to progress and possibly cause very serious health problems. Most of the serious health problems resulting from colon dysfunction take years and years to develop. The two primary things that happen in the colon are: (1) colon stasis, which is a lack of good movement of materials through the bowel, and (2) putrefaction and abnormal bacteria resulting primarily from too many refined carbohydrates in the diet in the form of white sugar and flour.

Both of these dietary abnormalities are the result of the increased processing of foods in our modern civilization. In uncivilized areas, such as the tribal areas of Africa that have maintained their native diet, these cases are very rare or completely absent. Many Africans, and tribes all over the world are self-taught herbalists and therefore have lived longer, healthier lives. Some even live past 100 and are still standing.

In the western world, we were threatened when the industrial revolution sprang upon us, leading doctors to rely more heavily on chemistry to manipulate our bodies by mixing chemicals with natural sources. When the natives begin eating our processed foods that we have introduced, they develop the same diseases we suffer from in western cultures and that will compromise the extremely effective, purely herbal diets they have relied on for generations. This is where we can learn a lesson from other cultures.

Beginning the Cleansing Process: The key to a healthy colon is a consistent diet and getting on a regular bowel movement schedule. We are constantly bombarded with new health reports claiming oats are no longer good for us, but are advised to check out this new “healthy” alternative, making it hard to keep a consistent diet. Rather than focusing on a specific type of food, such as an oat muffin, we can focus on the natural ingredients that we know we need to have in our diet. For one, fiber is a must when cleansing the body. Psyllium hulls are a medicinal herb high in fiber that have been used and trusted by many cultures for centuries to cleanse the colon and digestive track, therefore gradually cleanse the entire body. Herbs such as psyllium that are high in fiber have proven to serve for many medicinal purposes such as lower total serum cholesterol levels. In one study, twenty-six patients took psyllium hulls three times per day for eight weeks. After four weeks, the results showed significant decreases in the total serum cholesterol level for many of the patients. It all begins in the colon. As we have examined, an infected colon can lead to some serious health risks, but working towards a healthy colon is cleansing your entire body. Psyllium is one among many herbs that you can include in your daily diet. Remember, it isn’t just about food!

Also, infrequent bowel movements can confuse your body and you can get yourself into some bad habits. An individual who only has one bowel movement a day may store three to six meals worth of waste in his system. If he has a movement every other day, he can be holding as many as six to nine meals worth of waste. Beyond that, it gets ugly rather quickly. Imagine taking a piece of meat and leaving it in a plastic bag on your kitchen counter for the next three days. You essentially may be doing something like that to your body if you wait three days between bowel movements. Food shouldn’t be in your digestive system for more than 12-16 hours. A healthy person will have no more than three meals in his digestive tract at any one time. Each meal will be in a progressive state of digestion.

If your digestive tract is functioning properly, you should have only breakfast, lunch and dinner in your digestive tract when you go to bed each night. When you eat breakfast the next morning, your body should naturally move to eliminate the previous day’s breakfast from the system. Getting on track with a regular bowel movement schedule means eating healthy too. Processed foods pose challenges in your digestive system, and weaken the colon, encouraging it to perform sluggishly. Food takes longer to travel through the colon; therefore, hardening your bowels, which can lead to constipation and realistically, you are storing a lot of waste in your system. A toxic bowel left unattended can cut the life span in half. If the colon is housing toxins, they are absorbed into the blood free to circulate throughout the body. Colon cleansing is important in disease prevention. Regular cleansing keeps toxins from settling in the colon. Digestion and nutrient assimilation also take place there. Nutrients are unable to be assimilated properly in a toxic colon.

Internal Cleansing is Vital to Your Health

Think about how much time we spend every day grooming the outside of our body without much of a thought to the inside. Americans spend billions of dollars a year on beauty aids to stay younger looking. Our internal body is just as important, if not more important, because if we take care of the inside, the outside will benefit from the results. Thorough internal cleansing is important for people of all ages from children to adults. Being truly regular means having a bowel movement 2-3 times daily. Infrequent bowel movements equates to stool remaining in the colon, left to putrefy in the intestine over many years. This is one reason we hear many people comment, “I just don’t feel well” or “I can’t seem to ever get well.”

Pura Cleanse is the SOLUTION

Purification happens through gentle detoxification with a daily routine. PURA CLEANSE and PURA CLEANSE II offer a combination of all natural herbs and fiber that help to detoxify, purify, strengthen and build the colon. Fiber is what is lacking in our diet today and everyone needs fiber to have a properly functioning colon.

PURA CLEANSE and PURA CLEANSE II are a natural fiber supplement to the everyday diet. The blend of psyllium, guar gum, apple fiber and herbs combined in PURA CLEANSE and PURA CLEANSE II provide an ideal amount of soluble and insoluble fiber that the body requires to maintain good health. Along with eating a healthy well balanced diet of raw fruits and vegetables, PURA CLEANSE and PURA CLEANSE II allow the body to do its job more efficiently.

By taking PURA CLEANSE and PURA CLEANSE II, you are making a commitment to take care of the inside of the body and taking a step forward in feeling better and looking great.


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