Common Questions about Miracle Choice Minerals

  1. Do I need a mineral supplement in addition to my daily vitamin? A daily mineral supplement provides different, and important, benefits to the body. Minerals also play an important roll in vitamin absorption. Vitamins cannot be properly assimilated without the correct balance of minerals, as minerals are constituents of the teeth, bones, tissues, blood, muscle and nerve cells.

    Minerals are the electrolytes that the body needs to maintain normal body fluids and the acid–base balance. As electrolytes, minerals act as stop gates to control nerve signal movements throughout the body. Because nerves control muscle movements, minerals also regulate muscle contraction and relaxation.

  1. What is Chelation? Chelation is a specific binding process that binds inorganic minerals with organic compounds to provide more stability and bioavailability. Chelation is an ultra-efficient mineral delivery process streamlining nutrient delivery to your tissues for enhanced performance of your body.  
  1. What is the proper dose of minerals per day? The suggested serving is two tablespoons (1 fl. oz) twice daily in 8 oz of purified water. (Shake well before infusing.) When taking minerals remember to take them with food for better absorption. They should always be taken two hours after any medications.
  1. How should Chelated Minerals be stored? Refrigerate Chelated Minerals after opening and keep lid tightly sealed.
  1. How do Chelated Minerals differ from other mineral supplements? Miracle Choice Minerals include 74+ Organic Plant Derived Minerals and 20 Essential Amino Acids.  The formula is 100% organic. The Major and Trace Minerals are in an aqueous base of Fulvic Acid. Our Chelated Minerals undergo a Fulvic Chelation Process to maximize cell absorption and utilization of nutrients. Fluvic Acid has the unique ability of bonding to and enhancing the absorption of minerals. Fulvic Acid has been called “Nature’s Miracle Molecule” because of the many purposes it serves within the body.