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Natures Super Antibiotic Alternative

Colloidal Silver is a health supplement commonly used to kill bacteria, viruses, germ and fungus infections and it has been effective in combating and preventing bacterial illnesses, colds, flu, staph and strep, known to exist in disease conditions. Miracles of Health Colloidal Silver is a mineral suspension produced at about 50 ppm of .9999 pure silver in de-ionized water. It is a mineral supplement used to boost and augment the body’s immune system.

Did you know……

  • Silver is mentioned in the Bible. Royalty carried water in silver vessels in the belief that this water would help them maintain their health. Before  refrigeration was invented, a silver dollar was placed in containers of milk  to maintain freshness. Silver was the primary antibiotic used by the wealthy before the  advent of penicillin in 1938.
  • Before antibacterial soap was invented, colloidal silver was a well-known disinfectant. In ancient war times including the Civil War, silver was used in wound dressings. 
  • Colloidal Silver is a health supplement commonly used to kill bacteria, viruses,  germ and fungus infections.
  • It has been effective in combating and preventing bacterial illnesses, colds, flu, staph and strep,  known to exist in disease conditions.
  • Silver has been known to make the immune system stronger and more effective at combating disease. Therefore,  the immune system becomes less susceptible to harmful organisms. 
  • Many reports indicated Colloidal Silver rapidly decreases inflammation and supports faster healing. 
  • For circumstances where the quality of drinking water may be questionable, colloidal silver can safely purify drinking water!
  • The FDA has claimed that because colloidal silver is accepted as a pre-1938 medication, it may continue to be marketed. 

Our Organic Colloidal Silver consists of submicroscopic nano-particles of 99.99% pure silver in a base of our Organic Chelated Minerals. To enhance the effectiveness of our Colloidal Silver, we used a base of our Chelated Minerals, which contains 72+ organic plant-based minerals and 20 essential amino acids, compared to a water base. The Chelated Mineral base readily transports the Colloidal Silver as well as additional vitamins and supplements you are consuming for quick absorption.


We are returning back to the old proven remedies as lifestyles are promoting natural organic food.  Many clinical studies have concluded that Colloidal Silver works as a broad spectrum antibiotic. While most antibiotics are effective against about a dozen disease-causing organisms (germs, bacteria, fungi, parasites and some viruses), silver has proven to be effective against over 650 of organisms (and has been proven helpful against hundreds of health conditions). Artificial antibiotics only kill an average of 6 different organism. Silver also acts as a catalyst that promotes cell regeneration and growth. Taken  internally, doctors report that it works against cholera, malaria, syphilis, and severe burns. 


In the presence of colloidal silver, there is no known disease-causing organism that can live.  Within a few minutes, laboratory tests show, the pathogen suffocates and dies because colloidal silver creates an environment making it impossible for pathogens to multiply and survive.  Once this occurs the body eliminates the impurities through the kidneys, lymph system and elimination system.  Colloidal silver also is known to kill parasites therefore it is not possible for parasites to flourish. It essentially prevents the eggs from hatching.  Some have found it to be effective as a digestive aid taken with meals as it prohibits fermentation of food in the stomach and intestines. 


  Many studies indicate that in the range of 5 – 10 ppm (parts per million or mg/l), colloidal silver has little effect on ‘friendly’ bacteria, while being highly useful against infections and eliminating various microbes, viruses and fungi. There are also studies results that colloidal silver solutions in higher concentrations are beneficial for many skin conditions and other external ailments.


A suggested use is 1 teaspoon three times daily for fourteen days, children ¼ to ½ of adult dosage. 

The Colloidal Silver may taste a little bitter and metallic. It is important to flush the body by drinking at least six to eight large glasses of pure water daily. This assists the elimination channels as pathogens are destroyed.

NEVER allow the Colloidal Silver to be exposed to other metals, or strong electro-magnetic fields (TV, monitor, speaker, etc.). Always use the sprayer, top-cap or a plastic spoon to administer. If symptoms persist, seek the advice of a licensed medical practitioner.Colloidal Silver works well when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet.


Apply directly to cuts, burns, cold sores, open sores and other lesions. Dab or spray on eczema, mosquito bites, acne and dandruff. Colloidal Silver works best when placed in contact with the source of infection. Spray on athletes foot, use as a gurgle for sore throats, or as a mouth/teeth rinse. Spray on nappy rash. Use as drops in the eyes and ears. For sinusitis, pour half a teaspoon into the palm of your hand and draw up nostrils alternatively twice each side for several times a day. Colloidal Silver may also be used as a spray to prevent mildew, to disinfect cooking surfaces and on plant leaves. Remember to store out of direct sunlight.


Colloidal Silver can be given alongside drugs recommended by your vet, the overall intention is to regain health and  vitality where possible and using the ‘best of both worlds’ holds good to this intent. Given with a syringe twice daily it has the most beneficial effect. For larger animals such as horses, symptoms such as coughs and colds, hoof abscesses and eye infections respond best by administration of a high dosage for 5 days followed by the daily recommended allowance.


Taking double to triple dosage maybe beneficial for chronic conditions.  Frequent exposure to dangerous pathogenic germs, could necessitate a regular daily intake as a protection and to enhance preventative health measures.


Add one ounce of Colloidal Silver per gallon, important to shake well, wait 5 minutes and shake again; wait 5 minutes to drink.


When taken with meals it can improve digestion and eliminates fermentation.


The level of Colloidal Silver must be adequate enough to be absorbed into your body and organs in order to kill the parasites. Therefore, consistency consuming Colloidal Silver is essential in combating parasites.  The eggs that parasites lay cannot hatch when there is sufficient Colloidal Silver in the surrounding tissue.