100% Organic Major & Minor Trace Minerals in an Aqueous Base of Fulvic Acid.

Minerals play a very important role in immune function, healing and the overall regulation of cellular metabolism. Chelated Minerals are easily absorbed and fast-acting to spur on your efforts at health and wellness.

Absorption is the key. The body cannot produce minerals on its own, so it’s necessary to get them from a good diet and supplementation. Miracles of Health Chelated Minerals help transmit messages through the nervous system, for digestion and metabolism, and for the utilization of all nutrients in food. Vitamins cannot be properly assimilated without the correct balance of minerals, as minerals are constituents of the teeth, bones, tissues, blood, muscle and nerve cells.

Minerals are the electrolytes that the body needs to maintain normal body fluids and the acid–base balance. As electrolytes, minerals act as stop gates to control nerve signal movements throughout the body. Because nerves control muscle movements, minerals also regulate muscle contraction and relaxation.

Recent studies have shown that mineral supplements are needed because most Americans don’t get adequate amounts of minerals in their diets. More and more people now take chelated minerals daily to ensure that the body has enough of these nutrients to function properly. Daily usage of Miracles of Health Chelated Minerals can boost the body’s immune system and achieve optimal levels of energy and mental alertness. Most of us do not get enough minerals and without them we cannot assimilate vitamins and other nutrients adequately.

When taking minerals remember to take them with food for better absorption and that they should always be taken two hours after any medications

What sets Miracles of Health Chelated Minerals apart from others?

Miracles of Health’s Chelated Minerals include 74+ Organic Plant Derived Minerals and 20 Essential Amino Acids. Our formula is 100% Organic Major and Trace Minerals in an aqueous base of Fulvic Acid. Our Chelated Minerals undergo a Fulvic Chelation Process to maximize cell absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Chelation is an ultra-efficient mineral delivery process streamlining nutrient delivery to your tissues for enhanced performance of your body. Fluvic Acid has the unique ability of bonding and enhancing the absorption of minerals. Fulvic Acid is being called “Nature’s Miracle Molecule” because it does so many things. Scientists have found that Fulvic is the element that makes nutrients absorbable. Here are a few of the great benefits that Fulvic Acid offers us:

  • Increased energy
  • It’s a ferocious antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Chelates heavy metals and body toxins, removing them from the system
  • Makes cell membranes more permeable and transports nutrients into the cells
  • Extends the time nutrients remain active
  • Increases metabolism of proteins and contributes to DNA and RNA synthesis
  • Restores electrochemical balance
  • Increases bioavailability of nutrients
  • Prepares nutrients to inter-react with each other
  • Increases absorption of oxygen and decreases acidity
  • It’s a powerful natural electrolyte

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, and Potassium Benzoate

Contains no GMO’s, Sweeteners, Yeast, Wheat, Rye, Soy, Dairy, Animal Products, Fillers, Binders or Artificial Ingredients.

Suggested Usage: Two tablespoons (1 fl. oz – 30 mL) twice daily in 8 oz of purified water. Shake well before using.

CAUTION: Use of nutritional supplements is an individual responsibility and decision. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, the elderly, those with known medical conditions or anyone opting not to assume the responsibility of that decision should use this product under proper medical supervision.*

Miracles of Health Chelated Minerals are plant derived minerals and as such variations of color, taste and consistency may occur between production batches.

STORAGE: Refrigerate after opening and keep lid tightly sealed

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