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How CBD Improved My Life: A Testimonial with Kristin

[powerpress] Subscribe to: iTunes In this episode, Kristin shares her story of health struggles and her powerful healing experiences with CBD. Kristin shares with us how CBD has helped her recapture and stabilize her life.  Before CBD she experienced severe PMS, anxiety, restless sleep, high blood pressure and more. How can CBD help you?

Peace, Love and Light from Maui

[powerpress] Subscribe to: iTunes Take a few minutes, sit back and relax while Judy Marie shares the oneness of Peace, Love and Light. Bring your awareness to your breath. Inhale deeply through your nose in the slowest, calmest manner possible. As you inhale, imagine you are inhaling perfectly clean, pure, white light. Inhale and visualize the […]

Episode 3: Keep the Energy Moving

[powerpress] Subscribe to: iTunes KEEP THE ENERGY MOVING is the main theme of this podcast.  How important it is to not become complacent and stuck while we are going through these intense shifting times. The inspirational message from Judy Marie helps you live “JUST FOR TODAY” and keep taking the necessary actions. Take gentle loving care of yourself […]