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Giving Thanks

Counting your blessings is a time-honored way to flourish. It’s been part of almost every culture and spiritual practice. Science has now proved what the ancients knew intuitively. Grateful people are likely to be much happier and healthier than their pessimistic counterparts. The regular practice of gratitude produces impactful “side effects:”

Making Positive Changes This Fall Season

Did you know that throughout the world fall is considered a wonderful and sacred time to make positive changes in your life? Leaves falling from trees is a powerful symbol for the fall. As the leaves delicately drift to the earth to be turned into soil through the process of composting, we too can allow […]

Aging Is A Choice

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells that only live for a few weeks or months. They die and are replaced by new cells in an endless cycle that began the minute of conception and will continue until our death. We replace about 1 percent of our cells every day, which just about […]

Issues in Your Tissues

When your basic digestive function is impaired, every system of your body is affected, including your skin, your hair, your brain and more. If your gut is in trouble, you’re in trouble from head to toe. Ancient healing traditions like Chinese medicine and Ayurveda teach a common phrase, “the issues are in the tissues.” The […]

Making Space for Something Better

Clear Away the Old. Make Room for the New With a new season just around the corner, what a great time to think about and put into action the changes that we would like to make in our lives. What has been working in my life, what hasn’t been working? Where do I desire changes? […]

Give Yourself the Best

It’s a Divine Right to Give Yourself the Best After we are confused about how to give ourselves “The Best”, we tend to wait for others to offer it to us. Our ego has a tendency to deny us of a wonderful life. There have been many past, old teachings, beliefs and experiences suggesting we […]

Living a FULL Life

The Majority of People Are Living in Part People tend to live half-healthy, half-wealthy, half-happy, and half-creative lives. They have accepted this half way of living as normal. Once in a while, in a rare moment, they glimpse a larger life and wish it could be so. Half living is abnormal and unnecessary. You can […]