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8 Tips to Achieve Self Empowerment

Tip 1: Take notice of how you talk about your health. Your words become your destiny. The words you speak go into your own ears. They literally land in your body and your cells respond. Instead of speaking about any dis-ease or dis-ability, speak positively about what you are capable of doing and how you […]

Making Space for Something Better

Clear Away the Old. Make Room for the New With a new season just around the corner, what a great time to think about and put into action the changes that we would like to make in our lives. What has been working in my life, what hasn’t been working? Where do I desire changes? […]

Living a FULL Life

The Majority of People Are Living in Part People tend to live half-healthy, half-wealthy, half-happy, and half-creative lives. They have accepted this half way of living as normal. Once in a while, in a rare moment, they glimpse a larger life and wish it could be so. Half living is abnormal and unnecessary. You can […]

Releasing the Emotions

Releasing Trapped Emotions With The Emotion Code Our emotions control our beliefs about ourselves, our health and fitness, even our self- worth! They also control our actions. Negative emotions such as anger, fear, resentment, and guilt, often hijack our best intentions to make positive changes towards a healthy lifestyle. The Emotion Code is a simple […]

The Importance of Chelated Minerals

The human body needs minerals for various important functions within the body. Normally, this can be provided by a balanced diet. However, the standard modern diet is often lacking in some of the most important minerals. This is mostly due to overly processed food and depleted soil, making it difficult to get the optimal daily […]

Listen to Your Heart

You Have Nothing to Fear Here is a true heartwarming story I personally have experienced and feel inspired to share with you. My heart’s desire is to inspire hope to anyone out there right now who is hurting, stuck or lost. May you experience a fresh breath of healing and strength. Whether you are a […]

The Power of Letting Go

We Are All Born From Pure Wellness and Love These are suggestions on how to let go. Perhaps it is letting go of a rebellious child, or a burden of sorrow, losing a loved one, or learning to live with heartache. By reading this over, studying it, praying over it, you may find that letting […]