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Conquering Fiber

If you’ve been used to eating processed, refined low fiber food and you switch to a high fiber diet, you may experience cramping, bloating, diarrhea and gas. Ironically, even constipation can occur if you neglect to drink inadequate amounts of water. The operative term here is “moderation.” Start slowly and gradually increase your intake of fiber. If you do this, your intestinal tract will adjust nicely and you’ll be less “gassy”.

When you eat fibrous foods, bacteria in the bowel attack and digest these complex carbohydrate molecules and in the process methane gas is released. This is the “bean” effect so many of us are familiar with.

Gratitude for Beneficial Change

With sincerity and a deep thank you to all of you for living and sharing health and wellness throughout 2016. It is always a pleasure to serve you and we look forward to many more years of showing our gratitude by providing you with the highest quality products. Our deepest intention is to support your health while upholding true principles of holistic healing. We do this together and keep growing and healing as a family.

As many of you know this year has personally been a huge year of beneficial change due to my Traumatic Brain Injury in February when I fell on the ice.  After experiencing 6 months plus of hardly being able to work I had the space and time to reflect on my life.  In a split second my green light to life turned red.  Everything came to a screeching halt.  What a Divine blessing as I know it to be today.  There truly are NO ACCIDENTS only the best opportunities for the soul to further awaken.  Through a lot of prayer, meditation and gracious help from God, family and friends I was not alone.