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Fruit for Breakfast Can Completely Transform Your Health

Waking up to half a watermelon drizzled with lime juice is one of the best ways to start your morning. Eating fruit for breakfast will not only make you think clearer, it will help you lose weight and stimulate the digestive tract to energize the body. Eating a clean and light breakfast in the morning […]

Uses for Pura Green

Use Pura Green to: – Take the benefits of vegetables and greens with you.  The ease of use and portability of Pura Green makes it a good option for people who travel and have trouble getting in the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables daily.  –  Decrease inflammation. Many foods that we consume regularly are highly acidic. When your […]

What is Pura Green?

Pura Green is a powerful green drink mix that refreshes the entire body. It is a 100% super food drink made with Hemp and Pea Protein, which are hypoallergenic, plant-based proteins. Pura Green is a superior source of minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, micronutrients and antioxidants. The alkalizing blend of fresh organic greens and wild crafted herbs in Pura Green, enhance your […]

Alternatives To Antacids

Many of us have been there and know the feeling all too well. It’s the burning in your esophagus after a spicy meal. It’s the burping after you’ve gone to bed right after dinner. It’s the nausea and bloating after overeating. Acid reflux is a condition that affects even the best of us, but thankfully, […]

Alkalize Your Body

So many of us are stressed out most of the time. Others struggle to think clearly and forget things often. Still others during flu season easily catch colds, flu, viruses and infections more than other people. If you or anyone else fit any of these, you need to know about this alkaline food mix that […]

The Healing Power of Lemons

Highly Alkalizing Effects of Lemons Although acidic to the taste, the humble lemon promotes health with a highly alkalizing effect on the body, and is therefore of great benefit during the cold and flu season, when the body is typically over-acidic. In a state of 80% alkalinity and 20% acidity, or perfect blood chemistry, the […]