Your Healing Power to Change

healingHealing has very little to do with the removal of symptoms.

Rather, it is an intimate and integrative process that encompasses every aspect of your being. Healing transcends the simplistic notion of springing out of a hospital bed, or getting up from a wheel chair and walking. It involves the harmonious alignment of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being and how we relate to the world. The result is a greater experience of wholeness, wellness, and soundness. And wholeness is the birthright of every living being.

In his essay “The Spirit in Health and Disease”, Psychiatrist Lawrence J. Bendit spoke of healing as a process of rebuilding one’s life anew from chaos and disorder. The word “heal” traces its roots to the Anglo-Saxon word “hal”, which means whole or hearty. Rather than implying freedom from disease, healing involves root concepts like wholeness and wellness. These concepts imply self-empowerment, alignment, and integration, which enable us to fully express our unique potential as human beings in all aspects of life. Healing is often an uncomfortable process, but always empowering. If one is truly going to heal, there’s always change that accompanies the journey. As we heal and go through changes, it may appear that we are coming apart at the seams when we begin to wake up to aspects of ourselves that we were unaware of or were unable to acknowledge. At this point, people would rather go for the cure.

Curing implies that someone is trying to eliminate our disease, symptom, or crisis, most commonly through medication, surgery, psychotherapy, or other modalities. Curing has an important role. It offers us the gift of time so we may better understand the deeper significance of our symptoms. When used as a stepping stone or rest stop to healing, curing can be beneficial. However, the way curing is regarded today can often deny the possibility of healing rather than facilitate it. Curing as an attempt to control our experience generally interferes with our ability to move into the unsolicited experiences we need to restructure our lives. When this occurs, instead of propelling us forward, curing holds us back. Healing gives us a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and empowerment. Curing does not. Healing, and the will to change, considers our uniqueness. Healing involves surrendering control of our inner and outer experiences. Curing involves an attempt to control our internal and external environments. Curing seeks to label the effects (not the causes) of disease, places blame, and gives explanations and excuses for considerable experiences.

I would like to encourage each and every one of you to take the responsibility of healing seriously. Allow the herbs to assist in your healing to the degree of experiencing the healing power of change.

In sharing Miracles of Health products, keep in mind that they are not sold under the impression that they cure. Our products are designed to promote and support total healing.

We should all lead healthy, happy lives, full of joyous experiences; we should develop fully and steadily, day by day and week by week, as our pathways unfold more and more.