But it is not good at all for your body. The damage caused by delaying the alarm can literally ruin your whole day!what-happens-to-your-body-when-you-hit-the-snooze-button The exact amount of sleep needed varies depending on the person. So, the body of every man knows exactly how much sleep is enough and begins to secrete dopamine, all in order to prepare for awakening. In the moment when you delay the alarm, you’re actually playing with your REM sleep. It is the most important stage of the sleep, the key thing for good mental focus throughout the day – says Dr. Michael Brius, a specialist in dreams. The alarm actually extracts you from the REM sleep, and by its delaying and “falling” in a dream again, you are re-entering that stage. As a result of this, you will feel dizzy throughout the whole day and your productivity will be significantly weaker. During the REM sleep, your brain analyzes all the events that have occurred over the past day, and the phase of deep sleep gives the body the necessary rest. Phases change during the night, but it is known that the REM sleep takes place just before the awakening. Another consequence is that your body clock loses its rhythm. To wake up when the alarm rings the very first time is the best for the circadian rhythm that affects your internal clock. If you fall asleep again after the alarm rings, a disorder of the circadian rhythm occurs, your body becomes confused and really doesn’t know when it’s time to sleep, and when to wake up. Therefore, you will constantly feel tired, and you will not be able to feel fully fresh all day. Therefore, give up this bad habit of delaying the morning alarm or buy a watch without a snooze option. Or simply, from the start, set the alarm a minute later. However, if you wake up tired every morning, the only way to change it is if you try to go to bed earlier at night and to get up immediately when you hear the alarm in the morning. Moreover, try going to bed at least half an hour before every day, or move the time for going to bed for at least half an hour weekly.