Today’s a Great Day to Live

You are Number One. Take Care of Yourself First

First of al,l I would like to express a sincere note of appreciation regarding your choice to use and share Miracles of Health products. It is so exciting! Every day I hear heartfelt stories taking place. Many people are experiencing a new “breath of hope”. We do not have to be old for breakdowns to happen in the body. Continuing to take good care of ourselves and reaching out to others will bring a deeper sense of well-being to you.

Herbs have a powerful way of excreting the bad and bringing in the new to our body, mind, and soul. Sometimes changes are subtle, and others are quick and obvious. One of the beauties of using herbs is that they are made from God and their innate intelligence knows how to prioritize healing on all levels. Trust the purpose and action of what the herbs are here to do for us. Sometimes the healing varies depending on the constitution, environment, lifestyle, and eating habits, etc. But no matter what, you can count on Miracles of Health formulas to work and bring about the necessary balances in due time. It can be called Faith and Destiny as well as complete knowing that the herbs will accomplish what they have been put on this Earth to do. Many people comment after taking Pura Cleanse several times that they never want to be without it. I certainly feel the same. Pura Cleanse is an example of quality herbs in a gentle and effective formula you can trust. It’s a unique formula that supports getting our issues out of our tissues.

By cleaning, strengthening and protecting your colon, you can save your life. A toxic colon with old retained poisonous fecal matter can be the cause of many health problems; at the minimum it’s a major contributing factor. Dr. Bernard Jensen says it best,

“The bowel-wise person is the one who is armed with correct information, practices discrimination in eating, and walks the path of a healthier lifestyle. His or her days are marked by well-being, vitality, and optimism, all of which result from having a vital, toxin-free body due to efficient, regular cleansing action of a well-cared bowel.”

YOU ARE NUMBER ONE, take care of yourself FIRST. That is your divine sacred responsibility! Many of you are out there giving and helping others constantly. Take time for your own health goals – exercise, feed your soul, get some fresh air, and have fun. As a result, it will take you less effort for greater things to come into your life. Keep the door open to understanding the bigger picture to your health problems and you will experience incredible opportunities for whole healing. Every time we go through a healing crisis, a little something inside of ourselves wakes up a little more and we have miraculous breakthroughs. These breakthroughs are powerful stepping stones to feeling alive and free. It’s a wonderful feeling to say “It’s a great day to live”, “It’s a great day to wake up.” We all are capable of living inspiring lives.

The Lakota Indians have an expression when translated into English, reads “Do it, and do it without fear.” May each and every one of you decide to choose your best life now! Stay well and continue to let Miracles of Health come to you, your family, and friends.