The Spirit of the Hopi

Purifying & Cleansing

On July 20th 2013, I was honored to be invited by the Hopi Native Americans to participate in their annual Home Dance known as the Niman Kachina, in Second Mesa Arizona. The Home Dance is during the summer solstice to honor the kachinas, the spirits who represent the invisible forces of life, who have been on earth since the winter solstice, and ensure the success of the creation process.

Now that the harvest is in full-bloom, the kachinas can return to their home in the San Francisco Mountains. The Home Dance, like many of the Hopis’ ritual dances, is centered on the four forces of creation: germination, heat, moisture, and air – along with the harvesting of the winters prayers and planning. The dance lasts for an entire day. There are four different performances; at dawn until noon, followed by three final performances until sunset. The Hopi believe these specific rituals help preserve order in this Fourth World, in which we currently reside in, and assist in shifting to the fifth dimension. Throughout the Home Dance we prayed continuously for our family, friends, and the world for healing and unity. Each morning, we awoke before sunrise and stood out on the mesa with cornmeal in our hands. We would take a pinch of cornmeal, bring it to our lips and exhale our prayer into the corneal. The ritual was concluded by gently sprinkling the cornmeal over the earth towards the sun with gratitude. When greeting grandfather sun at sunrise, they taught me to inhale four deep breaths while looking at the sun. The strength, power and energy of the sun is here for our healing. My sacred association with the Hopi has been building for over 20 years. Throughout those 20 years I experienced the current urgency to heal the home within our own soul, forgive and let go of the past and unite as one. The Hopi recognize that we are in the midst of a purification era, and a purging of our fears, doubts, and attachments are essential components of this era.

Over the course of my visit, I had several discussions on the importance of detoxifying and staying strong, especially during these times of vast changes. One of our favorite conversations was centered on herbs. We discussed the power of the plants as healing medicine and holistically on all levels. The wise Hanna Kroeger said, “Holistic health represents an attitude toward well-being, which recognizes that we are not just a collection of mechanical parts, but an integrated system, which is physical, mental, social and spiritual.” Embracing holistic healing means taking responsibility and holding yourself accountable for your choices, actions and results. Herbs are crucial for our existence; they have infinite innate healing capabilities. It is extremely important to be strong right now, stay close to the unimaginable wisdom of God (Massau`u) and Nature. Additionally, stay free of as many chemicals as possible.

We have the responsibility to protect our health against global pollution, antibiotics in livestock, and dangerous pesticides on our fruits and vegetables. Reducing or eliminating the load of these toxic chemicals will help our bodies be strong during these times when challenged emotionally, mentally, and physically. When you have one of those days where you feel like you can’t quite get a grip, stick to the basics by nourishing your body with proper nutrition including herbs, supplements and pure water. Now is the time for purification and cleansing of our spirit, mind and body. The pure Light and Love vibrations which are abundantly pouring through us will be easier to filtrate by cleansing the denser toxic energies. There is no time to be lazy or afraid but rather to take action on the things you have known in your heart. Pursue only those things that capture your heart.