The Importance of Chelated Minerals

The human body needs minerals for various important functions within the body. Normally, this can be provided by a balanced diet. However, the standard modern diet is often lacking in some of the most important minerals.

This is mostly due to overly processed food and depleted soil, making it difficult to get the optimal daily intake. In addition, people who have a dairy intolerance may not get enough calcium.

Mineral supplements are often recommended to help maintain optimal mineral levels in the body. But how do you know which ones to choose when there are several different forms of minerals on the market? Today’s post will cover chelated minerals and the benefits of this form of mineral.

Definition of Chelate

Chelate comes from the Greek word for “claw,” and in the supplement world, this refers to how organic compounds are attached to minerals. Chelation is a specific binding process that binds inorganic minerals with organic compounds to provide more stability and bioavailability. When you are comparing the different mineral supplements on the market, it’s important to keep in mind that this process is used for better absorption, which is the main benefit of taking chelated minerals.

Increased Stability

The complete ring structure of chelated minerals also increases stability. That stability reduces the chances of negative reactions with fat-soluble vitamins and other minerals. Therefore, the added stability is an important component of increasing the absorption rate in a few different ways.

Greater Bioavailability

Absorption of minerals is a common issue because any nutrient that reaches the upper GI tract is not absorbed very well. That’s why mineral supplements need greater bioavailability. Many mineral supplements are taken from inorganic sources or mineral salts, which are poorly assimilated and have low bioavailability. While citric acid is a chelating agent that improves the absorption of minerals, it does not form a complete ring.

When you take a product that contains various minerals, it is also important that each mineral comes in the chelated form. For example, Miracles of Health Chelated Minerals advanced chelation enhances absorption.

Why our bodies require Chelated Minerals:

In order to maintain and regulate necessary body functions, it is vital that minerals become a staple in our lives. Chelated Minerals are necessary for the nervous system, normalizing the heartbeat, improving the brain and mental abilities, fighting fatigue, and increasing energy, electrolyte balance and aiding the metabolic process.            

Chelated Minerals are the building blocks to the life of every cell in our bodies.  They are pivotal components of many life-supporting systems and contain over 74+ organic minerals and other nutrients associated with blood, enzymes, hormones, oxygen transport and cellular activities.