Skin Brushing

skinbrushingSkin Brushing & Cleansing

Regular bathing and washing will not remove the layers of dead skin. It takes a gentle and light abrasion on the skin when it is dry to rid the body of the dead unwanted skin. The dead layers need to be peeled away so the skin will be able to breathe and live properly. This is what is referred to as dry skin brushing.

Acne, pimples, excessive dryness or oiliness can all be greatly helped by this activity. It increases rapid cell production beneath the surface of the skin. It is considered the same body stimulation as compared to twenty minutes jogging or fast walking. Rubbing the skin with a Turkish towel will make sure the lymphatic system and bloodstream are exercised. Use a skin brush made from natural bristles with a long but detachable handle so that you can reach the back. It is a wonderful feeling, and so stimulating to brush just before you shower. It leaves a tingling and refreshing feeling.

Skin brushing is an effective way for cleansing the lymphatic system through physical stimulation. It also stimulates the bloodstream and is excellent for poor circulation and is a must on a colon cleansing program. It helps to dislodge mucous in the area that is needed.

  • Start by brushing the soles of the feet and work up each leg, up the bottom and up the middle of the back (avoid the genitals).
  • Work towards the heart and bring all toxins towards the colon.
  • Then start at the fingertips and brush up the arms, across the shoulders, down the chest and the top of the back, again avoid sensitive parts like the nipples.
  • Don’t forget the arm pits, this is where glandular inflammation collects in the lymphs.
  • Then brush down towards the colon. On the area below the navel, brush in movements starting on the right hand side, going up, across and down, following the shape of the colon.
  • Women should brush breasts, it cleans and protects against lumps.
  • The face should always be cleaned with a wash cloth or a natural soft brush.

Another type of skin brushing or a brisk scrub is with stone ground corn meal while the skin is wet, followed by a tepid or cold rinse. This thoroughly cleanses the skin while stimulating circulation. The natural oil in the corn meal prevents irritation and leaves the skin baby soft.