Ridding the Body of Parasites

As trees shed their leaves in the fall, the body also requires the need to go through a shedding and detoxification of parasites. It is likely that many of us have been infected by parasites through our various summer activities such as traveling, food choices, and swimming in pools, lakes, oceans and rivers. Now is the ideal time to take action and rid the body of parasites to build your immune system before the winter and holiday season is upon us.

Parasites and worms are scavengers and organisms that live within, upon, or at the expense of a host (a human) organism without contributing to the survival of the host. They can reside in the gastrointestinal tract and feed on toxins and waste material in the body. The most common types include roundworms (hookworms, pinworms, and threadworms) and tapeworms. The main problem with parasites is that they expel toxic and potentially deadly waste material into the host.

Parasites have been known to contribute to many illnesses, including colon disorders, some types of cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome and candidiasis. Usually inadequate sanitation is the cause of parasite infestations. When the body is free of toxins and an adequate amount of hydrochloric acid is being produced, parasites, including worms and their larvae will be destroyed. However, a diet rich in carbohydrates, fats, and sugars provides the ideal food and environment for parasites in the body.

Parasites can be contracted in many different ways. An individual may unknowingly come in contact with contaminated waste material. Walking barefoot on contaminated soil can lead to infestation. Ingestion of larvae or eggs from handling raw or partially cooked meat, frequent use of antibiotics and other medications, a poor diet, and even stress can reduce beneficial intestinal flora and provide an environment for parasites to thrive.

Symptoms of parasitic Infection: abdominal pain, anemia, bloating and gas, colitis, colon disorders, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, growth problems in children, headaches, loss of appetite, poor absorption of nutrients, rectal itching, weakened immune system, weight loss, etc.

Our PURA SITE formula can strongly aid in combating many parasitic infections. When taken in combination with PURA CLEANSE or PURA CLEANSE II, results can be sped up. The parasite’s goal is to live and reproduce at your expense. If the parasites are not eradicated, the infection can continue to weaken the body’s cells. Parasites feed off of healthy and unhealthy food we ingest. PURA SITE is formulated to help detour the parasites away from the food and towards the herbs, which can then promote a die off of the parasites.

The reason proper bowel cleansing is extremely important is that as the parasites are dying off in our bodies, they release very toxic and poisonous substances. It is essential to use herbs and cleansing program such as PURA CLEANSE or PURA CLEANSE II in order to avoid reabsorbing these poisons into our systems. Herbal cleansing keeps us young, vibrant and alive. Allowing our bodies to build from a base of purification is an essential part of restoring and maintaining health. Purification happens through detoxification. Properly detoxifying involves regular cleansing of parasites.