My Pura Cleanse Love Affair

 My Pura Cleanse Story

For those of you who may not know, I am lucky enough to call Judy Marie mom. I like to say she is the face of the company while I handle the behind the scenes. I felt compelled to share my love affair story with Pura Cleanse. All facets of our lives take attention, time, dedication, commitment and willingness to do what’s needed. Over the years I have had an on and off love affair with Pura Cleanse, as with so many things in life; exercising, eating right, feeding and nourishing relationships, raising and providing for a family, taking care of my mental, spiritual, emotional health, etc.

I too am cyclical with what I choose to put my time and focus on. Sometimes more than others, it feels overwhelming to feed so many different aspects of ourselves but then again, what we feed grows….right mom!

At this very moment, I am proud and overjoyed to say that Pura Cleanse and I have never been closer. Nearly eight months ago, I gave birth to our second son. During my pregnancy I had to shelf Pura Cleanse, along with onions, Mexican food, anything with garlic and anything with a creamy texture because of the delightful sensitivities that accompany pregnancy. After my son was born, out of pure exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and lack of self-care, Pura Cleanse and I remained broken up for several more months. During the first four months of my baby’s life, I only had the capacity to take care of the necessities, and unfortunately I did not consider my health as such.

I found myself going for quick fixes in almost every area I could. Cleanse Caps became one of those quick fixes. After nine months of irregularity during pregnancy and the stresses of life after our son was born, instead of taking the two minutes to mix Pura Cleanse in a glass I opted to take Cleanse Caps, which is fine for short term relief, but let’s be honest, I was in need of some serious sludge removal. And being my mother’s daughter I know better than to choose a short term quick fix. In order to remove the toxic debris, I needed to cleanse the inner most layers of toxins.

Thirty days ago, Pura Cleanse and I got back together. Pura Cleanse worked its way back into my evening routine and we haven’t looked back since. This is the best I have felt in years. Within only thirty days of rekindling my relationship with Pura Cleanse, I have lost my last few pounds of baby weight and the extra layer around my mid-section has vanished. I really can’t believe the transformation or the amount of toxic debris that built up in such a short period of time. Even more so, I was graciously surprised and amazed at how quickly the toxic debris left my body. I also feel lighter and have more focus and clarity.

By using only Cleanse Caps you are not efficiently taking care of business; let me tell you first hand, it is absolutely not the same as using Pura Cleanse. Without getting into graphic detail, the bowel movements are completely different. The purpose of Pura Cleanse is to do the scrubbing and Cleanse Caps purpose is to assist in the removal of the toxic waste.

When I think of Pura Cleanse I envision little particles, like the movie Twister when Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton finally get Dorothy to fly. The little transmitters became engulfed by the tornado and began to transmit data, just like the ingredients in Pura Cleanse are formulated to transmit data to our toxic build up. When Pura Cleanse is consumed, the herbs and fiber are absorbed into the toxic layers of our colon and assist in breaking down and removing the toxic waste.  Cleanse Caps alone, will not do the cleansing, they will only assist in the removal of the waste, whereas Pura Cleanse gently and effectively removes layer by layer of the excess waste. In fact, Pura Cleanse and Cleanse Caps complement each other beautifully.

I have always been an avid user of Pura Cleanse but my recent experience has reignited my passion and love for this product.