Mother of Faith

Choosing to be a Mother of Faith

Looking back, I clearly see that I was in fact being a mother of fear. I found myself powerless over choices he was making for himself and I realized I could not control nor did I have the right to interfere.

I had to choose to be a mother of faith who detaches with unconditional love knowing that the highest good for all will unfold. Coming to a place of acceptance and detaching with love and faith is more beneficial than coming from resistance. I wanted to develop a confidence in my children’s choices and learn it’s not my role to be the universal patrol for them.

As parents we want to protect our children from painful experiences but in fact this does them a disservice because we aren’t allowing them to develop their own innate, divine, guidance and protection that we all have access to. And sometimes getting in touch with this divine guidance comes from making “mistakes.” Without the darkness we would never see and admire the stars in the sky. Just as without rain there would be no rainbows.

The phrase “let go and let God” has been a powerful practice for me as a mother. It has meant learning to trust God and get out of the way. No matter what the situation is with my children, I can choose to go into my head with fear or go to God with Faith from my heart.

A Mother of Faith…

  • Stops saying yes when my truth is NO. Has the faith to say NO or NO Thank you
  • Has the Faith to make a decision for the highest good even though others may not support or like it
  • Is tender loving and caring towards herself
  • Trusts that her goodness is never wasted
  • Also has the faith God will take any situation and make something so good from it
  • Knows her greatest weaknesses are strengths in disguise
  • Truly believes all things are possible for the highest good
  • Doesn’t get weary of praying
  • If it doesn’t have my name on it, then it is not mine
  • What other people think of me is not any of my business
  • Be the mother who is free to live my dreams, passions and heart’s desires
  • Be thankful daily for what I have and don’t agonize over what I don’t have
  • Be genuinely happy for my children’s success and challenges to grow
  • Always know without the rain we would never see rainbows
  • Never too old to learn, laugh, and love
  • Is never lonely
  • Trusts in Divine Protection, guidance and healing
  • Doesn’t look back with regret because she is making the best choices for her life today
  • She’s not afraid to die, she’s not afraid to live
  • She is confident that greatness, mercy and goodness follow her all the days of her life
  • Today is what matters. She learns from her yesterdays and trusts the best for our future
  • She’s not afraid to feel and face her fears
  • She is her own best friend

One doesn’t have to be a mother to be faced with such a soul question. Male or female, anyone can place themselves in the position I was in. Ask yourself the question “Am I a mother, father, son, daughter, or friend of faith or fear?”.

Coming from fear brings separation in a relationship. Coming from faith opens up the door to unity and keeps the flow of love present. Changing my focus from fear to faith allows a better outcome and brings peace to the soul.

I am committed to the practice and awareness of being better today than yesterday. Today I am a mother of faith!