Listen to Your Heart

You Have Nothing to Fear

Here is a true heartwarming story I personally have experienced and feel inspired to share with you. My heart’s desire is to inspire hope to anyone out there right now who is hurting, stuck or lost. May you experience a fresh breath of healing and strength. Whether you are a male or female, this message is for all.

A mother’s love gets passed along in many visible and invisible ways. For many years, several members of my Hopi (adopted) family have prepared me for these current days of our purification. I am deeply inspired to share messages from a mother’s heart!

To begin, one of my most influential and spiritual teachers was Tirzah Honanie Kalectaca. She was a very strong Native American Hopi woman and leader. Early in 2009 Tirzah left her life with grace and dignity. A number of years ago she adopted me as a daughter of hers, which I am deeply honored by. The soundness of her teachings vibrated from the core of the earth and beyond.

On numerous occasions, before I would leave The Hopi Village (Second Mesa, AZ), Tirzah would squeeze my cheeks as she looked directly into my soul with her dark brown eyes and say,“You Have Nothing to Fear.” A powerful healing would flood my heart every time she would say “You Have Nothing to Fear.” Her empowering words came from a lifetime of experiences and walking the sacred path as a mother. A mother to me is a life giver. It may be on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level. The enduring spirit she had as a mother carried me through many of my fears.

Transcending our fears is not an overnight accomplishment. It is an everyday commitment and in time we will begin to feel and develop our own enduring spirit. We are all a work in progress. Through the Grace of God all is healed. That’s a truth and promise!

Before Tirzah died last year, we shared a beautiful experience. As I sat by her side for the last time, she gently reached for my hands and placed them over her soft, silky cheeks. Her illuminating, dark brown eyes once again captured my soul and I knew what her spirit was communicating one last time, “There’s Nothing to Fear”. At that moment, I could feel her love all through me. It was the most heavenly divine feeling of a mother’s love. That was pure love without fear, criticism or judgment. It was the love we came to this earth with and the love we leave this earth with. It’s in us all each and every day and lies beneath our fears. There is so much love and life within all of us once the blankets of fear keep getting removed.

The heartfelt message she shared with me could never be bought or sold. The richness Tirzah acquired in her life was deep from within.

Let’s pass on a gift today to someone who needs our help. I believe it takes two or more to heal and move energy so let’s do this together. Just for today, imagine a wise, precious mother or ancient grandmother walks up to you, looks deep into your soul with love and confidence. Four times she says with a solid clear voice, “You Have Nothing to Fear”. Let’s keep reminding each other who we really are. We are all divine and powerful human beings here to share our challenges, insights and progress along our path of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Keep spreading these words and expanding your Fearless Faith. Tell one person in your life today “You Have Nothing to Fear” with love. Your life and their life will begin to immediately change all for the good.

The core of our physical healing rests in the issues of our heart. We have nothing to fear by facing our dark, deepest, secret matters held in our hearts. Be committed to do whatever it takes to heal your heart. Look in the mirror today and also say to yourself “I Have Nothing to Fear”. Keep thinking those thoughts, feeling those thoughts and sharing them with others. Watch the miracles appear more and more in your life. Do it today and expect a miracle.