Judy Maries Breast Health Story

What I have seen over many years is that women who are most at risk for breast cancer are those who have difficulty nurturing themselves and receiving pleasure. Women often feel that taking care of themselves and enjoying themselves means they are selfish. But, it’s the most important thing you can do for your health and for everyone else! It’s like when flight attendants on a plane instruct you to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting the person next to you. You can’t continually give from a place of depletion without paying the consequences.

So, if you do nothing else to create healthy breasts, I recommend you do what is necessary to nurture and love yourself. This means you learning how to receive. The answer can only be found when one truly understands that breast cancer is not caused by physical factors alone but like all disease, is holistic – meaning it only manifests when the body, mind, emotions and spirit are out of balance. When these four are in harmony, the stage is set for complete healing to occur.

People who are on a path of awakening talk a lot about living outside the box.  A funny paradox of life is once one steps outside of the box, he or she is stepping into an even bigger box.  You look around and are surprised to discover, it is time to expand again.  Such is life, the opportunities continue to unfold.

In 2006, my body continued to let me know when I became completely off balance. I allowed myself to get caught up in the cesspool of unhappy goo—which was incongruent with my soul. For quite some time, my legs had been hurting when I walked even short distances. They were like weights, not wanting to move forward without a lot of discomfort. I simply felt sluggish all over.  The pain was excruciating and immobilizing.  The progression of the messages I was receiving through my legs was gradual and subtle.  There came a point where at times it felt as though someone had taken hold of my legs and restrained them from even the slightest motion. Talk about a symbolic mind-body connection surfacing! My legs were desperately trying to communicate what was incongruent or out of balance in my spirit.  My old self would typically put on the rose colored glasses, while my body paid the price for rationalization.  I knew something more was going on.

Several symptoms began to surface such as enlarged lymph nodes under my left arm pit and a lump in my left breast. With great concern I decided to call a friend who is a nurse practitioner to schedule an exam. Needless to say, she recommended a mammogram immediately. After having a mammogram and ultrasound, the tests appeared conclusive. The medical providers went into an emergency mode and strongly advised a biopsy immediately. However, I was hesitant to react as quickly to all of the suggestions and advice, which felt too much like a knee jerk reaction. I knew I needed some time to meditate and pray over the situation and allow the answers to present themselves.

Meanwhile, the doctor requested a second full-spectrum mammogram and another ultrasound, resulting in the same medical conclusions. Still I declined to have a biopsy. My mind and spirit temporarily felt disconnected from each other which made me feel split in half. My ego and fears connected with the way society says we are supposed to react to the word “cancer”, by accepting the use of conventional methods. Yet in my heart I was hearing The Voice say, “I am with you. You have nothing to fear.” Instead of “re-acting” I chose to”act” upon the guidance of Universal Knowing with non-traditional methods in treating the condition to heal my tumors.

The course of action I took for myself included a wide variety of natural modalities. After contacting a medical doctor who practices integrative medicine, I was guided to treatments such as I.V. vitamin C and vitamin D, DIM (natural immune booster) immune support, lymphatic support, detoxification, and Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging. I also coordinated my own treatment to include colonics, balancing the PH, infrared sauna treatment, ozone therapy, using the rebounder on a daily basis, essential oils, concentrated nutritional therapy, BioGenesis sessions, and utilized information from Live Blood Cell Analysis. Prayer, meditation, and nature also contributed to the recovery process.

The body doesn’t become dis-eased overnight, therefore it generally does not restore itself overnight. It involves a comprehensive and disciplined journey requiring a valuable investment of time, patience, and change. Even though there can be miraculous healing on a spiritual level, our physical bodies may require time to rebuild as our new habits are being established. Otherwise, similar to a rubber band that snaps back, we as humans tend to snap back to old patterns. Each experience grants us the opportunity to close in on the gaps of fear in our life and walk through the gate of faith. We are all free to choose the path of healing most congruent for ourselves.

Initially, I allowed myself to feel the flood of emotions rapidly gushing through my head. Through meditation, prayer, and hours and hours of journaling, I found my extra reserve. There was absolute clarity in choosing the holistic approach in healing my new challenge. The time had come to rewire my core beliefs, which had entangled every cell in my body. As I undertook the path of wholeness, I remained dedicated to understanding the mental, emotional, and physical patterns that have existed in my genes for generations, especially having to remember the long lost qualities of self-love and forgiveness. It seemed as if I was in the beginning of another re-birth and soon would endure the labor pains of a significant new me. Beginning to shift from a state of turbulence, I could feel Divine guidance gracefully transforming my “victimhood” into “victorious-hood.”

As part of the healing process I made the commitment to acknowledge my body as a beautiful, loving, and loyal friend. What were previously unlovable, became the body parts to love the most. My priority, above all else was discovering the root causes and finding a cure from within. Diving into the depths of myself and searching for my core essence, I emerged into being a pillar of confidence and strength. The body conveys to the soul the perfect reflection of where it’s deficient; and through the illumination of deficiency we are given the opportunity to replenish and heal. Some of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves in healing are love, compassion, and forgiveness. The body and soul constantly mirrors our heart’s quest in acknowledging our wholeness.

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“Nothing is ever just in your head. Nothing is ever just in your body. They are intrinsically linked – always.” ~Christiane Northrup M.D.

6 Reasons Why Dr. Christiane Northrup Recommends Breast Thermography

In addition to early detection and accurate test results, here are some other reasons I like thermography:

  1. Good for young, dense breasts and implants. Younger breasts tend to be denser. Thermography doesn’t identify fibrocystic tissue, breast implants, or scars as needing further investigation.
  2.  Detect cell changes in arm pit area. The arm pit area is an area that mammography isn’t always good at screening.
  3.  Great additional test. Thermography can be used as an additional test to help women and their care teams make more informed treatment decisions.
  4.  It Doesn’t Hurt. The pressure of a mammogram machine is equivalent to putting a 50-pound weight on your breast, which can be quite painful for most women.
  5.  No radiation. Another reason the United States Preventative Services Task Force reversed its aggressive mammogram guidelines was because of the exposure to radiation. It’s well known that excessive doses of radiation can increase your risk of cancer. (Semelka 4). It’s ironic that the test women are using for prevention may be causing the very problem they’re trying to avoid in the first place! And this doesn’t even touch on the harm done to the body from unnecessary biopsies, lumpectomies, mastectomies, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and so forth.
  6.  Thermography is very safe. Thermography is even safe for pregnant and nursing women! It’s merely an image of the heat of your body.

Thermography is a better technology for all of the reasons I’ve already described. Plus, it gives results that are unique to you, time after time. But Dr. Getson says there are some things you need to know. For one, not all thermographic equipment is the same. When you are choosing a thermography center, be sure to ask what the “drift factor” is for their machines.  Anything over 0.2 degrees centigrade leads to poor reproducibility. Also, the room in which the study is performed should be free of outside light and the temperature should always be at 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit, with a proper cooling system in place.

Be sure that your thermography center of choice is backed by qualified, board-certified physicians who are specifically trained in the interpretation of these images. And, be sure that the physician is available to explain and discuss all findings. Finally, make sure the images are “stat”-ed or marked up for future comparison.