Insect Bites & Stings (Nonpoisonous)

One of the most effective remedies for the reduction of swellings due to insect bites and stings is to soak a wad of cotton with ammonia and then apply to the afflicted area. Agents to use for bites and stings are an ice cube or an application of moistened Adolph’s meat tenderizer upon the afflicted area (the papain from Papaya fruit in the meat tenderizer works to give relief. To reduce their pain, inflammation and itching, the following herbs may be used with success in various forms recommended:
  • ALOE VERA – rub gel or salve on skin: apply poultice of liquid Aloe Vera
  • CALENDULA or MARIGOLD – rub salve, expressed juice from fresh plant or tincture on bite or sting.
  • COMFREY – rub on salve or apply a poultice of the freshly grated root or powder (the allantonin in the root is responsible for the healing properties of the plant)
  • MUGWORT – bathe afflicted areas with strong decoction of either the herb or the root stock.
  • WITCH HAZEL – use the lotion (available in any drugstore) as a good soothing agent for mosquito bites.
First Aid With Herbs: J. Heinerman