Importance of Trace Minerals

Our bodies use trace minerals daily. Therefore, it is vital that we regularly replenish the supply in order for all of our body systems and responses to function properly.

The regular intake of trace minerals supports the body in proper physiological function and can ward off health problems. Trace minerals are required for numerous body functions and processes including enzyme function, thyroid regulation, glucose absorption, blood clotting, tissue formation, the transportation of oxygen in red blood cells, detoxification and much more. A deficiency in any single trace mineral can result in an imbalance of other minerals and halt the benefits, making the body vulnerable.

The Essential Trace Elements

There are over seventy known trace minerals, yet the scientific community has just begun learning about the importance of trace minerals—and how they interact with human systems. Researchers are learning more every day about which trace elements are needed to establish and keep a healthy balance, and what health issues could result from a mineral imbalance. We know that a huge percentage of Americans have some level of mineral deficiency and that this imbalance can manifest itself in symptoms as simple as food cravings or as debilitating as ongoing fatigue.

Here is a glimpse at the important roles played by just a few of the trace minerals we require to function and maintain a healthy and long life.

  • Boron—helps to reduce inflammation and degeneration, improves bone growth and maintenance, assists with central nervous system function, promotes healthy cell growth, contributes to hormone facilitation, and supports immune response and oxidative stress modulation.
  • Chromium—enhances the cells’ ability to absorb glucose, stimulates fatty acids, and synthesizes cholesterol.
  • Cobalt—promotes the formulation of red blood cells and serves as part of B-12.
  • Copper—supports red blood cell and connective tissue formation, stores and releases iron to form hemoglobin, and contributes to central nervous system functions.
  • Iodine—assists with thyroid function, controls how quickly the body uses energy and makes proteins.
  • Iron—transports oxygen in red blood cells.
  • Manganese—key to enzyme systems; supports brain function.
  • Molybdenum—part of enzyme systems; detoxification processes.
  • Selenium—an antioxidant tha­t combines with Vitamin E and protects cells from free radicals.
  • Zinc—provides enzyme functions such as nucleic acid synthesis, helps immune function, and promotes insulin storage.

Miracles of Health Chelated Minerals are necessary for the nervous system, normalizing the heartbeat, improving the brain and mental abilities, fighting fatigue, and increasing energy, electrolyte balance and aiding the metabolic process.

Due to the depletion of many of these nutrients in the soils used for farming, we can no longer rely on a healthy diet to ensure consumption of each of these trace minerals. This is where adding a quality supplement comes into play.

Miracles of Health Chelated Minerals are 100% organic plant derived minerals and added 20 essential amino acids. These minerals provide absorption of essential nutrients into the body. Miracles of Health Chelated Minerals are the building blocks to the life of every cell in our bodies.  They are pivotal components of many life-supporting systems and contain over 74+ organic minerals and other nutrients associated with blood, enzymes, hormones, oxygen transport and cellular activities.