Tattoo Revitalization: Make Your Tattoo Look New Again!

Healthy skin is a key component when wanting to showcase your new tattoo. The same is true for older tattoos. Maintaining a healthy skin regimen can make all the difference. One crucial element in a great skin routine is having products that protect, moisturize, and restore your tattoos. However, what if you could have one product that does all three of these things? Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of using a tattoo revitalizing product.

Promotes Fast Healing

When you get a tattoo, you want the skin to heal properly and quickly. In Miracles of Health’s Tattoo Revitalizer, one of our key ingredients is aloe vera. Aloe vera is known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as a soothing effect, making it ideal for new tattoos! Aloe is also great for maintaining aging tattoos. It provides moisture to the skin and also promotes collagen to keep the area firm and smooth.

Helps Reduce Pain And Inflammation

As with many of our products, CBD plays a prominent role in our Tattoo Revitalizer. Pure CBD oil has amazing effects, which helps naturally reduce both pain and swelling. To give optimal results, our moisturizing butter has 500mg of CBD per bottle. Arnica oil is another element added to this CBD moisturizer and also helps eliminate pain. Arnica oil has also been shown to be a skin-friendly nutrient that encourages anti-inflammation and skin health! This oil has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation. These two ingredients together help prevent chronic inflammation and the overall pain around a tattoo.

Hydrates And Nourishes Skin

Hydration for skin is key in the healing process. It is also especially important for older tattoos; it helps preserve the tattoo’s original appearance as well as keeps the skin healthy and plump. Jojoba oil is a great oil that both hydrates and nourishes the skin. It is also known to have antibacterial properties as well, making it an ideal oil for both new and older tattoos. Along with Jojoba oil, essential oils are also added to our Tattoo Revitalizer. This allows for a refreshing feel and scent as well as nourishes the skin to keep it glowing!

Helps Reduce Scarring

In order to prevent scars from occurring from a new tattoo, having a tattoo moisturizer with a healing agent is key to making sure your tattoo is at its absolute best. In our Tattoo Revitalizer, we include Vitamin E. Vitamin E is known throughout the world as one of the best healing properties that protects the skin as it heals. It allows the skin to breathe all the while providing protection from free radicals. It is also a great component in the prevention of scars and other skin damage.

Infused With Natural Antioxidant And Anti-Aging Properties

One of the best benefits of a CBD moisturizing butter is the natural anti-aging properties. This is to ensure that your tattoo continues to be great in appearance and vibrancy! To do this, the Tattoo Revitalizer has both coconut oil and topical butter. Coconut oil is world-renowned for its many skin health benefits. Including Vitamin E, coconut oil contains several antioxidants and antifungal properties that help keep the skin supple. Topical butter is also a great rejuvenator for the skin and is formulated to help renew the skin to its vitality!

Try Our Fast Absorbing Tattoo Revitalizer

When it comes to keeping a healthy skin routine to maintain your tattoos, choosing a quality CBD moisturizing butter can make all the difference. At Miracle of Health, our goal is to bring you products and important health-topic information to help you feel your best! For over thirty years, we have worked to provide our customers with the best products for optimal health. To learn more, contact us! We’re here for you!

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