Health is Learned, Not Earned

Dr. Rubio, MD, says, “Detoxification is like an insurance policy for the future; it is the key in dealing with cancer. We want to prevent cancer through detoxification. The thing is to work with the basics: cleanse the colon, use colonics, diet therapy and detox the body with lots of fiber. Cleansing the colon with fiber is key.” Consuming fiber increases the immune system in your gut, feeds the good probiotic bacteria there, keeps the digestive lining healthy and absorbs and pulls out excess hormones, cholesterol, fat and toxins from the body.

Colon Health is turning into a more well-known custom among individuals who try to legitimately benefit and keep up their bodies for the most extreme medical advantages. Over 30 years ago, Judy Marie started with a vision to fulfill a demand for balanced health products that work naturally to give your body the tools it needs to eliminate toxins.  Miracles of Health was founded in 1992 on mere passion and commitment to help, heal, educate and transform lives. The ultimate purpose is to have radiant health, energy and peace of mind. Commitment, education and dedication are the three necessary components to achieving optimal well-being.

To eliminate toxins from the bowels, we need to have healthy bowel movements daily. Sluggish digestion is a contributor to the problem of toxicity buildup because bile and the toxins it carries for elimination, have more time to be absorbed through the bowel wall. When the bowel is not taken care of, its responses become sluggish and under-active. It is not able to heal itself and does not have the ability to perform the things it was meant to do.

When the bowel is underactive, toxic wastes are more likely to be absorbed through the bowel wall and into the bloodstream. The blood then circulates these toxins to every part of the body and deposits them in tissues.

There is approximately 30 feet of digestive tract and this is the reason it takes time to effectively get out the old toxic waste and poisons that have been gathering for a considerable length of time. The average person takes a year or more to cleanse out their colon. The average person also has 10 or more pounds of impacted feces stuck in their colon. It has taken many of us years to develop this unhealthy condition and it cannot be undone is just a few days or weeks.

Gas and toxins can be produced when cleansing the body of old fecal matter and eliminating parasites. Many people who have been suffering from autointoxication (self-poisoning) their whole life will produce foul-smelling gases as old fecal material becomes stirred up and activated.  Keep in mind that you are dislodging materials that may have been put away for quite a while.

You may feel debilitated from the get go. This is typical as your body starts to pass the harmful matter from your digestive tract. Cramping, bloating and sickness happens in some individuals, yet this will discontinue within a few days. Be patient, don’t give up. Stay committed, educated and dedicated.

After the larger part of waste is cast out, you will progressively start to feel lighter with a more prominent feeling of prosperity and higher vitality levels. It is normal for the skin to take on a healthier appearance and for muscle and joint torment to diminish or vanish.

At the point when flushing poisons from the body, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated. Drink a lot of pure water. This will help to furnish your digestive framework as water is vital for moving the waste from your body. Likewise, it will help your cells to stay hydrated. This is especially critical for significant organs of the body to function appropriately.

Pura Cleanse and Pura Cleanse II are effective, gentle and fast working total body cleansing detox drinks. They are the ultimate high fiber, 100% natural blend of herbs and fiber that support the elimination of wastes, toxins, parasites and heavy metals. Nothing has a greater impact on health than internal toxicity. Take responsibility for your own health. Don’t wait until you’ve lost it.

Pura Cleanse II is fructose and senna free. The removal of fructose (a natural sugar-based carbohydrate) makes Pura Cleanse II a great alternative for those who are considering a low carbohydrate or sugar free diet.

Give your body the tools it needs to eliminate the toxins it has stored in the past. This will allow your cells and organs to be able to function at their peak, to repair themselves and to produce energy efficiently. Colon Health Is The Key To Wealth!