Healing With Divine Love

An Overview and Tips for Successful Self-Healing Written by Robert G. Fritchie

If you utilize Divine Love, it keeps your body fully charged, and whatever energy charge you use during self-healing is immediately replaced.

Beginning in 1980, I started to study how energy can be used for healing, along with some colleagues. This led to my developing the Divine Love Group Healing Process, which I refer to as DLGHP or the Process. Although the Process can be used very successfully in groups, it can also be used by individuals for self-healing. The Process involves accepting Divine Love, the most powerful healing force we can experience. Divine Love exists all around us in a neutral energy state. When we acknowledge it and ask that something be done, Divine Love activates and answers our Petition (our request), according to the Creator’s will. Thus, Divine Love can be focused on a target (a person or an object) to produce a change in that target. All of us can make a connection to the Creator to heal ourselves or others (and even the environment) using Divine Love.

Your Internal Battery

When I first began to do healings for others, I used my own personal love (or personal energy) as opposed to Divine Love. This was rather tiring. It is understandable, though, because the body works like a flashlight battery. When the flashlight is on, there is a beam of light until the battery discharges; then the flashlight fails. The same discharge effect can happen to you, plus certain health problems require more energy than you have available! When you try to heal yourself with your personal love, you are using your internal battery charge. Working alone, you can focus on a pain point or a sore muscle with your body energy, and you will get some relief. But that effort is only effective until your charge drops. Then, the healing effect comes to a halt, and you are left in discomfort wondering what went wrong. To complicate things even more, most of us try to correct multiple problems simultaneously. This causes a much faster drain rate on our internal battery. If you utilize Divine Love instead, it keeps your body fully charged, and whatever energy charge you use during self-healing is immediately replaced.

The Mind Sets Up Roadblocks

Another thing that you need to understand is how your Mind works. The Mind operates like a video recorder. The Mind makes a record of every experience you have, bad or good, and stores that experience. Mind then uses those stored experiences to help you make decisions on current situations. If the current situation has a bad connotation, Mind recalls all the negative experiences, and you make a decision using those experiences. If the current situation is a good experience, Mind draws on all similar positive experiences to help you make another good decision about your current situation. The problem with Mind is that: Despite your intentions, your Mind tries to do everything it can to block any change from happening!

The Process

So how do you tie together a fluctuating body energy battery with a Mind that resists change? You use your spirit and your thymus, together with Divine Love, a Petition, and a Focus. These components work together to override the resistance of Mind to allow change:
  • Our Spirit is our highest energy contact with the Creator. So if we are doing something to our own system, it makes sense to do so with the highest possible energy mechanism. Hence in self-healing, we use our spirit rather than our soul. (Our soul is the unique essence we are born with). The spirit is a bridge (a party line, if you will) between the soul and Divine Love.
  • Thymus allows direct access to our internal energy system. We want to direct energy into our thymus so that Divine Love can act on the target area specified by a Petition.
  • The Petition is a carefully structured statement describing exactly what we are asking Divine Love to do.
  • Focus provides direction and location for our Petition. Most of us have a tough time trying to maintain Focus. We are all constantly distracted by outside events, plus our own thought processes.

Getting Started

Your first step in self-healing is to make sure that you do not shut yourself off from Divine Love. Do this: Focus with spirit and Divine Love on your thymus while reciting this Petition:
With my Spirit I accept Divine Love and focus it into my thymus. I surrender my will to the Creator’s will and ask that Divine Love operate in me continuously at full charge to correct my health problems according to the Creator’s will.
When you first use this Petition, sit quietly for about ten minutes so that the Petition fully energizes inside your body. Thereafter, as long as you operate in a loving way, the Petition continues to operate inside you to accomplish an objective. If, however, you are suddenly challenged by someone or something during your day that causes you to become unloving, your Petition may stop because you have shut yourself off from the flow of Divine Love! The corrective action is to simply reestablish the flow of Divine Love going into your thymus. This is where Focus becomes very important. One way to increase Focus is to use a mechanical means to keep your attention riveted on what you are doing—focusing Divine Love into your thymus. I tap my thymus with my finger to keep my attention focused. I suggest you do likewise and tap your thymus while using a Petition. You will find that energy will flow more effectively into your system. Here is another key point. Once you read your Petition aloud, you need NOT repeat it! The Petition runs internally and automatically until the Petition is satisfied. (For more about Petitions, refer to Surviving Chaos: Healing with Divine Love.) You can have more than one Petition running at a time. Let’s say you are already operating with multiple Petitions, only one of which is to correct pain. What do you do if you suddenly have pain and want instant relief? Simply focus on your thymus with Divine Love. Use a short statement like this:
With my Spirit, I focus Divine Love into my thymus to correct the pain source.
Short, sweet and highly effective! (Remember to tap your thymus.)

Encouraging Successful Self-Healings

Please remember these two things: Take the time periodically during your day to nurture the completion of your healing by assuring that you continue to take in Divine Love. If change is slow, try this in a Petition:
I give myself verbal permission to change.
This will help break up old patterns of attachment and speed your healing. The success of the Process is not simply reciting the Petition and then going merrily about your business! The Process requires you to stay involved. This means taking ownership of the Process, treating the Creator with respect, and being willing to continue to accept Divine Love. To help you understand more about healing with Divine Love, watch Understanding and Applying Divine Love Part 1 and Part 2 on YouTube. In October 2009, The World Service Institute announced a Virtual Healing Group (VHG) so that interested people can join a group doing healings on a regular basis. These healings are done for individuals, for the environment, and for other purposes as well. To learn more about this unique and powerful way to make a difference, watch the videos mentioned above or go to the World Service Institute Web site.

Bob Fritchie enjoyed a 40-year career as a registered professional chemical engineer and business manager. In 1979, Bob formed a lifelong friendship with Marcel Vogel, a world renowned IBM scientist. Marcel, Bob, and a team of volunteers put together a research laboratory in San Jose, California. The lab then began a scientific study of subtle energies. Marcel, Bob, and other doctors taught these emerging energy principles through experiential workshops to help people heal their lives and health problems. Bob formed the World Service Institute, a non-profit teaching company, in 1990 to help the general public to understand and apply Divine Love.

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