Healing Philosophy

The Secret to Natural Healing

Our environmental concerns go way beyond saving the Earth, protecting the ozone layer, and recycling. As many times forgotten, one of the Earth’s most precious and valuable gifts are our children and elders. They are our hope for a better future. As caretakers, not owners, we need to work together to heal our Earth and help our family members young and old. We are discovering that nature does not have inexhaustible resources and that our children need help becoming resourceful, well rounded, and healthy adults. Part of this development starts today in sharing information on becoming more prepared through all seasons. Depending on how children’s immune systems are treated now will make a great difference in their overall health state as they get older.

From our experience, we believe that the symptoms of an illness are the result of the body’s attempt to rid itself of accumulated waste. The body has four channels from which to dispose of waste: the digestive tract, urinary system, the respiratory system, and the skin. When the digestive system is used for disposal we may experience nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea (i.e. the “flu”). The body may also use the kidneys to eliminate unwanted material which may result in bladder infections and other urinary tract discomforts. If the respiratory system is overloaded, we will experience runny noses, coughs, earaches, sore throats, and congestion. When the skin is used we have body odor, rashes, pimples, and pox.

All of the symptoms mentioned above are the result of the body’s efforts to heal itself. Anything we do to suppress these symptoms only prolongs the length of time it takes to get over the illness. This is why doctors have not been able to find a cure for the common cold. A cold is the cure! Another example, suppose we eat something that is tainted and experience food poisoning. Is the vomiting sickness? Of course not. The vomiting is the body’s ability to release the poison and anything we do to interfere with the process will only prolong it.

Symptoms are a part of the body’s life process. Many drugs are diluted doses of synthetic toxic substances. These small doses of toxic substances give the appearance of a cure, but they actually interfere with our long term health. Did you ever notice that a child who is always being taken to the doctor for medications is often more sickly than the child who is not?

Now for the good news! Instead of readily using common chemicals to suppress disease and illness, there are more positive options. Encouraging the body to support its own natural defense is really quite simple. Use the same method required to stay healthy in the first place: proper nutrition, rest, exercise, pure water, love, laughter, and some superior mineral and herbal products to feed, build, and maintain our immune system. THE SECRET TO ALL NATURAL HEALING…The body will heal itself if we provide it with all the conditions and raw materials it requires to grow and function effectively.

Give your children Miracles of Health products daily, especially Vegetal Silica for bone development, Liquid Chelated Minerals and Pura Cleanse to ensure healthier cells for the present and the years ahead. These products have short and long term action on each and every cell of the body. Our health today is already a product of what we have done to it yesterday. Where do you want your health and your children’s health to be tomorrow? Today is here, NOW!