Headaches can be the result of trouble in other areas of the body. For instance, if a headache starts at the top of the head, it points to intestinal trouble, if it starts at the forehead, it may be kidney trouble, and if it starts at the back of the head, it may be liver and gallbladder trouble. The following herbs may be helpful in relieving a headache: FEVERFEW– research has concluded that this herb is an effective treatment for migraines. WHITE WILLOW BARK – one of the original sources of aspirin before it was chemically synthesized, this herb can be taken as a strong tea or in capsule form. VALERIAN– a natural sedative, this herb can relieve simple tension headaches. *Eat as many raw, whole foods as possible. Avoid aspartame or MSG. Ageless Remedies from Mother’s Kitchen, H. Kroeger The Quick Reference to Herbal Remedies